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It works a little something like this...

You purchase a 'start-up' in a game of one of our Legends worlds (also known as modules).

At regular intervals - usually fortnightly, but sometimes more or less frequently, depending on the game - we send you a turn file by email. Using the Legends Position Editor (LPE for short), you open the file, which gives you a detailed report of your position, and what you have succeeded (or failed) in doing.

You then read your report, speak with your allies, and decide what you wish to do next. Then, again using LPE, write your orders (what you want the different forces, characters and armies in your position to do). These you then send back to Harlequin.

On the day your turn is due to be processed, we take your orders and feed them into our computers. They are then processed, and the results sent back out to you, starting the process all over again.


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