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There are four main types of position, each of which has its own advantages, and each of which offering a different starting point from which to explore the world of Legends.

The Lone Hero
You can wander the world alone, smiting monsters and doing good. Or, if the mood takes you, smiting heroes and doing ill.

The Adventurers
Or you can take control of a group of adventurers, giving you more variety and possibilities, though none are as strong as a hero.

The Mercenaries
Perhaps, not content just to roam the land, you may wish to begin with a small castle, and army with which to make your mark upon the world.

The Overlord
Or you can take on the mantle of an overlord, seeking to increase your influence and power.

And whichever position you decide to play, your characters can be of any of hundreds of races and professions, from goblin to titan, priest to assassin. Each module has its own specific races and peoples.


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