Web Server

You can use our webserver both to send and receive turns, either instead of or in addition to sending and receiving them by email.

Some corporate firewalls may not permit the use of port 88 (that is the bit after the colon in an IP address), so this may not work for everyone. 

This webmail server only allows two kinds of traffic: 

  1. Text and files from your private webmail mailbox to Harlequin Games.
  2. Files from Harlequin Games to your private webmail mailbox.

Keep your userID and password safe. If you give them to another player, they will be able to access your turn files for all your games. 

You can ask us if you need a reminder of your password. You cannot change your password for something more convenient. If you need a new password because someone else knows yours, tell me and I’ll organise a new one. 

Your account has only so much space in it. Please remove turns as quickly as is convenient.