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Legends: an award-winning fantasy turn-based game.

Explore and conquer vibrant and original worlds that stretch the limits of imagination and possibility.

Possibly the most in-depth fantasy game on the market today, Legends combines powerful game mechanics with vibrant and original game worlds.

The Legends game system is rich in both complexity and potential, allowing thousands of different stratagems and options, so that one can play for years and only begin to scratch the surface of the possible. The various modules each offer an entirely new world to be explored and conquered, all with their own unique races, monsters, histories and politics.

Explore on your own, or work as part of a larger faction. Roam the land as dragon-slayer, hero or sword for hire; lead a group of mercenaries or clan of orcs; command cities, armies, fleets. Rise to power through the use of steel, magic, politics, or perhaps a little of each. The worlds of Legends await you; what you do in them is down to you.

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