Advice for MAC Users

The following advice was given by players regarding playing Legends using a MAC.

Harlequin Games takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this advice, or the links referred to 


Parallels is an option. You have to provide a Windows operating system, but for LPE it can be an inexpensive one. A cheaper solution is CrossOver, which will run some Windows applications (including LPE) on a Mac. An even-cheaper solution is to run under mono on top of Linux, but if the player had to ask, it’s probably a bad idea to try this. 

I’m happier with Parallels, but Crossover is a lot cheaper, and is fairly painless. The cost is $60. (It was $40 when I got it five years ago.) They have a free 14-day trial download, so it can be tried out without risk. 

  1. Install Crossover.
    Browse to, which has links for the product (Crossover Mac) and the free-download option. I downloaded the trial version and unzipped it, and copied the .app file into the Applications directory. (I had an earlier version of Crossover installed, so your installation experience might be a bit different.) You may have to give yourself permission to download and/or open the file. 
  2. Install LPE. 
    Downloaded the latest version of the LPE from the harlequin website. Unzipped the LPE zip file in the directory in which I wanted it. 
  3. Open LPE with Crossover. 
    Crossover expects an installer. If you’re just pointing it at an executable, it’s a bit more work. The instructions that follow were based on 
    a. Start Crossover (by double-clicking on the downloaded app). 
    b. Once it’s running, go to the ‘Bottle’ menu and select ‘New Bottle’. (A bottle is basically a pocket universe that sits on a Mac disk and thinks it’s a Windows computer.) It’ll prompt you for the name of your bottle (e.g. ‘Legends’) and the OS. I picked ‘XP’ because it was the default, and seemed safest. 
    c. When it’s done, a new bottle will show in your Crossover window with an icon labeled ‘run command’. Double-click on ‘Run Command’ or go to the Bottle menu and select ‘Run Command’. In either case you’ll be prompted as to which bottle to use (e.g., the one you just created) and what to run. For the latter, click on ‘browse’ and browse to your LPE directory and select ‘LPE.exe’. Pick it. You also have a ‘save command as launcher’ option, which you might as well click: That’ll create a shortcut in that bottle in the Crossover window. 

That’s pretty-much it. If you use the ‘run’ option or if you double-click on the LPE shortcut, or if you go to LPE.exe on your Mac disk, right-click you’ll get LPE running. (You can also browse to LPE.exe on your Mac disk, right-click and select open-with Crossover, and that’ll start Crossover too. The open-with option also launches something that tries to set up any Windows software it can find in Crossover. If you close that and click on Crossover in your dock, you’ll be in Crossover.) 

Your LPE has the notion that it’s on your Y: drive, but for your purposes the files are where you put them on the Mac. E.g., you copy turns to the UNPACK directory of the LPE directory you unzip and you find uploads in the UPLOADS directory, etc. 

The map looks the same as it does on Windows. The database browser and turn editor have a slightly-different look and feel. (See screenshot below.) If this is an issue, I think it may be addressable by downloading and installing some X11 components. 


– Dani 




I use Virtual Box to emulate a x86 (ie PC) computer. Then you have to actually install a Windows operating system. I used an old copy of Windows XP, that i had lying around 

Virtual Box is OPEN SOURCE but developed by Sun Microsystems. So it is pretty good and FREE!!!! 

I’ve never had any problems running LPE or the other user programs developed for Legends, such as ItemLister etc 

Hope that helps 




I run Win7 in a virtual drive in a program called Parallels ( but it costs $79.00(US) on my MacBook Pro. 

There are a few freebie VM’s out there you can use as well. 

I run the Mono project ( on my Linux desktop (CentOS) which can beat the LPE into submission but it’s not as easy.