Flora, Potions, and Health

Below follows an overview of the use of flora. There might be Ancient Arcana Spells and Special Troop Training Types that also require flora, but these differ per module.

In the original Arcane Expansion, spells 441-444 are said to require 1 Silverleaf; however the New Legends II Rules Book does not mention this. I could not get this confirmed, but take it that this is an oversight of the Rules (p.113).

Of course the Plant Flora spells #483-489 require flora too, but these spells are not seperately indicated below.

Flora grows +1 each month; however there are certain seasons for each of the flora in which there is a chance for a substantial increase, and the more flora present the higher the special increase during this blooming season.


Amount of Potions per 1 ingredient


Made by Character

Made by Guild

Used for Spells

(1 action) via orders S16, S17, S18



(1 strength)

via order G4

R=Ranger guild

AS=Assassin guild

AL=Alchemist guild

Mandrake #423

1 x Healing Draught I

#402 (-10% wounds)

R (order S16)

1 x Silversheen Elixir #406 (+5 DEX)



1 x Diplomat’s Elixir #445

(+1 INF)



1 x Elixir of Strength #450 (+5 STR)



3 x Poison I #400


106 Summon Fire Elemental

107 Summon Earth Elemental

108 Summon Air Elemental

54 Illusion of Friendliness

55 Party Crashers

Ginger Root #424

1 x Healing Draught I #402 (-10% wounds)

R (order S16)

1 x Healing Draught I #402 (-10% wounds)


Nightshade #425

1 x Poision II (Beladon) #401 (loss of healing and 30% wounds per prodiction, on weapon +50% AFB)

AS (order S17)

1 x Invisibility Potion #407 (turns invisible, via U3 only)



1 x Poision II #401


Silverleaf #426

1 x Antidote I #404

AS (order S18

3 x Antidoe I (Aspen) #404 (cures Mandra)



1 x Redmist Potion #446 (+1 PC)



1 x Almonquava Wine #448 (+10% Bless, +2 STR, -2 INF, +5% chance cure poison)


106 Summon Fire Elemental

107 Summon Earth Elemental

108 Summon Air Elemental

109 Summon Water Elemental

111 Summon Familiar

112 Summon Imp Imias

113 Summon Imp Myomyr

114 Summon Imp Lyopus

115 Sumon Imp Tinrater

116 Summon Imp Qinkulc

117 Summon Efreet Javnga

118 Summon Efreet Malacous

119 Summon Djinn Haraba

120 Summon Djinn Borabar

121 Create Netherworld Soldier

122 Character Netherworld Possession

123 Summon Daemon Relzablab

124 Summon Daemon Zenobar

125 Summon Daemon Garcontha

184 Enchant Soldiers

186 Enchant Character



Asarum #427

1 x Healing Draught II #403 (-20% wounds)

R (order S16)


1 x Antidote II #405

AS (order S18)


1 x Healing Draught II #403 (-20% wounds)



1 x Antidote II (Athelar) #405 (cures Belladon)



82 Remove Undead Status

Cinderoak #428

1 x Greydust Salve #447 (+10 Stealth via US only)


129 Summon Earthforce

155 Create Seer’s Crystal

188 Create Power 1 Staff

189 Create Power 2 Staff

190 Create Power 3 Staff

191 Create Power 4 Staff

192 Create Power 5 Staff

193 Create Power 6 Staff

Meldorian #429

[production Elven Bows]

1 x Fairydust #449 (+8 MAR)


12 Create Staff of Spells

13 Create Staff of Recovery

14 Create Wizard’s Staff

253 Create Druid’s Staff Power 1

254 Create Druid’s Staff Power 2

473 Enchanted Hearth


There are two ways of employing the standard potions listed above:


(I) By Activation (U3)

– Potions can only be activated once, and then disappear. So if it tried to heal something you didn’t have (wounds, poison, etc.), then the potion will be in your tummy without having had any effect.

– If an activated potion affects Characteristics (Str, Dex, Con, Bty), Attributes (Tac, Inf, PC) or Skills (Stealth, etc.), or causes Invisibility, than that effect totally disappears at the following Production. If an activated potion caused a Bless/Curse or a Shell (+MAR), then that effect gradually deteriorates over the next couple of productions, like normal blesses and shells fade away in time. Healing of poison or healing of wounds of course is not undone by production.

– A character can activate items when he is Insane, but not when he is Dead. You can activate an item that you have in your possession slots, and also items that you have equipped.

– You can get only 2 identical potions per month to work for you on activation, no more! The only exceptions are the Healing Draughts. So no endless pumping up of statistics by boozing… So a maximum of +20 Stealth, +2 PC, etc. via Activation.

– An Invisibility potion may also give +3 to +5 Stealth, but this varies between modules.


(II) By In Use (Q1)

You can Equip the standard elixers and they will give the character the associated bonuses WITHOUT consumption of the item (contrary to when you would Activate it)! However, this is ONLY valid for potions that enhance Characteristics or Attributes. So the Invisibility potion will NOT turn you invisible when equipped, nor will the Greydust boost your Stealth (a Skill!) when in slot! (With thanks to Jeff Benefiel for confirming the Stealth). Likely the same goes for Fairydust (MAR), but this needs confirmation.

Ergo: you can drink (activate) two Silversheens, and have two Silversheens in slot (In Use), to get a total of +4*5= +20 Dex! Which after production drops to +2*5= +10 Dex (the In Use potions remain in use).


Effects on characteristics

Remember that Size Checks on dex/str in regard to weapon, armour, shield and mount, are not only done at the time of Q1, but also before each turn processing, and any items that are physically unable to be equipped will be stripped out and placed in the character’s possessions. For these Checks the following value will count: Base plus status adds, plus items adds, plus spells adds, plus effects of activated potions (like silversheen elixer). Size checks for player characters occure *before* the turn is run. At production, only the NPC’s are checked.

So: adds of potions that you had IN USE before your turn is run, will count for the Equipment Checks on STR/DEX at the beginning of the turn. But if you rely on adds from ACTIVATED potions alone, do not forget to re-equip the weapon after swallowing the potions – at the start of the turn the weapon might have been unequipped, and you could feel a bit naked facing that Black Dragon without A Hero’s Best Friend.


Effects on physique

Remember that there are two separate indicators for your physique:

1) Physical Conditions, in the following hierarchy in regard to overwriting:

Alive – Insane – Stoned – Dead – Very Dead – Long Dead – Dead and Laid to Rest.

So if you are Dead you can not be Stoned or made Insane, if you are Stoned you can not be made Insane but can be killed (made Dead), and if you are Insane you can be Stoned and killed (made Dead). Note that Death therefore is an extreme measure to cure the conditions of Stoned and Insane… So Physical Conditions are all mutually exclusive.

2) Afflictions, which are *seperate* from your Physical Condition, and from each other (not mutually exclusive!): Mandra poisoned, Belladon poisoned, Poxed, Black Deathed, Mindblanked and Charmed/Geased. You can have ALL these afflictions at the same time….

ERGO: being Dead does NOT heal Plague or Poison! Diseased corpses e.g. will still spread the smelly spots around…when not burried. Nor does Healing your wounds cures Poison (and after curing poision you still have to cure the accumulated wounds).


Other important health matters

— If a character is Poisoned then he cannot heal with Rest in an Inn, and the Mark of Power check is also skipped for healing! Plagues will benefit from the Mark of Power though. The plague effect is done then poisons then normal healing (if it applies) then the Mark effect. So if you were 70+% wounded and belladon-poisoned just before production, you will surely die – the Mark of Power will not bail you out.

— In regards to getting turned to stone during fights, the official stand is that the chance to get Stoned is the % of wounds you get from the Turn to Stone Special Attack. However, players are very sceptical about this, and Harald Gehringer has done a study on 45 cases of getting Stoned, which definitely speaks against the official formula; he proposes that the chance is rather the Special Attack Value devided by the SAR of the target.

— Dead and Stoned characters cannot do much, except for T11; they cannot use U3 to do something about their affliction; Stoned characters cannot use Q1, but dead characters can (apparantly).

— If you need to convert a Dead character to get him ressurected, then you cannot do that by the Convert spell, nor by item activation. You can do it by an adventure (and he can also be ressurected via an adventure), as the dead can use the A3 order.

— If a character is insane there is a 30% chance that his character actions will succeed.

— Healing at production is done at the full constitution level in a place force and 1/2 of that in a field force.

Invisibility has little or no consequences for character orders (like e.g. diplomacy); it does help protect against capture from ALL possible events, and gives +10 DF and some other benefits in combat [some players reported +50-100% AFB in a fight; not certain though]. It sets Sighting Values to zero, but you can still duel an Invisible opponent (just fling that sword wildly!), and invisible characters will still be Encountered by lair monsters (they eat lots of carrots!). Invisibility makes you duck Entry Conditions of a location (but only if all members of your party are invisible, as the check is on the party as a whole – if one member is NOT invisible and does not meet requirements then no one enters).


This article is reproduced with kind permission from “Aayko’s The Legends Corner”.