Banned Tactics

If ever you see something in the game which seems odd, or have pause to wonder if what you are doing is OK, ask! Discussion with the GM is the best way to deal with any situation, as that allows for a case by case judgement of how to proceed. 

Some of the techniques which are not permitted are listed below. However, a technique is not necessarily acceptable just because it doesn’t appear on the below list. As time passes, we’ll be able to code to prevent most of these from occurring. In addition, certain tactics may be banned in specific games – please check the appropriate game page for these. 

If you have been using one of the below techniques, please stop doing so and get in touch to discuss it. 


Moving Overburdened through use of Encounter Orders

Unfortunately we have discovered a bug in the code, which will only be fixed in Legends 3. The bug means that any force raiding another force using encounter orders whilst it is moving does not have its burden recalculated – and this can result in overburdened forces moving when they shouldn’t. Exploiting this bug is now banned. 

If this occurs accidentally you must get in touch with the GM so that the database can be fixed. The GM will then recalculate the force’s burden and movement so that it uses the correct movement rate including the raided objects. 

For example 

If your 1 scout moved past and raided another force (with encounter orders) and gained 500 trade goods before continuing 3 more provinces overburdened – the weight should have stopped movement (so your force will be moved back to the province in which the raid occurred). 


If your flying force raided another force (with encounter orders) and gained 50 wagons and continued flying 10 more provinces whilst seriously overburdened. The code should change a flying movement into a ground based movement (so that movement will be recalculated by the GM – and the force will be moved back to appropriate province). 


Sabotaging Tradegoods 

You may not use the C3 sabotage common item order to sabotage tradegoods. 


Rabbit Runs 

Do not set up artificial battles between your forces and your allies’ forces. 


Item/Adventure Abuse 

If you see an item, adventure or anything which is amazingly good, check that its not a typo in one of the fields in the database. 



You may not join a faction and then work to detriment it. 


Fake positions 

With the exception of games which specifically allow you to play two positions, you may only play one position in a game. You may not get a friend to pretend to be playing whilst you actually write the orders. Neither can a player join, gift away all their stuff and then drop. 


Adventure Hunting 

Do not use the A2 order to systematically hunt for adventures. 


Static Thunder 

You may not move troops from one player’s force to another player’s force in order to allow the soldiers to enact military orders more than once within the time period of a turnaround (eg 7, 9, 10 or 14 days, depending on the game). 


Induce Abuse 

Only use the induce order with the hope of success. 


Rolling Popsales 

Don’t transfer pop into a new a popseg in order to sell more tradegoods to them. 


VC Item destruction 

Don’t take any actions which would permanently remove a Victory Condition item from the game. 


Prisoner Abuse 

Don’t use prisoners to transport items avoiding weight problems. 


Aggressive Sales Techniques 

You may not issue the following orders when the target is an unmasked piece which is owned by a player who has not given you permission (with the exception of when the piece has just changed ownership): 

1) S28 Public Works. 

2) M9 Market Bazaar 

3) M11 Sell/Unload Generic Item 


Stealing Ships 

You may not attempt to steal ships from a fleet.2. 


Pox and Black Death 

You may not attempt to infect an NPC controlled force with Pox or Black Death. If you find Pox or Black Death in an NPC character/popseg please contact the GM to have it removed – players who have just influenced/captured a force from an NPC may also have Pox and Black Death removed from that force and pop levels restored. 


Tradegood Teleport 

You may not transport tradegoods by item activation teleport or by adventure completion teleport.