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Avalon Revisited 27







Game Summary

This game is an Avalon Revisited variant of the Adventure in Avalon module.

All information required to play this game can be found in the Avalon Revisited document (in the resources menu on this page). This has been updated since the last game, so p






Game Details

10 day turnaround.

King’s Peace: 3 productions.

1 or 2 positions per player.

There will be no Anarchist faction in the game.







Setup Process

Pledge Deadline: 24th June ’24

The Avalon Revisited document states that players can join factions in the first six months of play. However, in this game, we will be creating factions at game start, as part of the setup process.

We will balance the factions as best we can based on pledges received. It is possible, though unlikely, that this process will result in multiple factions of the same ‘aspect’ (e.g. Ravaging Hordes Faction 1, Ravaging Hordes Faction 2).

If a faction has no dragonslayers, one player can have a dragonlord position as their second position.

A faction can have multiple dragonslayers. However, if there are any dragonslayers in the faction, no players in the faction can have dragonlord position as their second position. 

There are two pledge options: Team or Individual.


Option 1: Team Pledge

List players in your team, together with preferences for faction, and whether anyone wants a dragonlord or dragonslayer position.

Teams can have a maximum of 4 positions.

You can pledge for true chaos if you want, but only as a team of 2 positions.


For example:
First Preference: Silver Crests #7.
Second Preference: Korellan Whitestormers #3.
Third Preference: Whitestorm #1.
Players: Ed 1 position, Ross 1 position, John 2 positions, one of which is a dragonlord


Option 2: Individual Pledge

Specify whether you want 1 or 2 positions, whether you want to play a dragonlord or dragonslayer, whether you want to be in a faction, and if you do, specify any faction preferences.

You can pledge for true chaos (only recommended if you play 2 positions!

You may not have 1 dragonlord and 1 dragonslayer position. And remember that if you want to be in a faction, you can’t have 2 dragonlord positions.

Joker: If you do not give a faction preference,  you will receive an extra action on your last secondary character of each position.


For example:
Bob, 2 positions, 1 dragonlord. I would like to be in a faction but I do not have a preference (joker).






Faction List

0. Dragon Lords

Race: Dragon Lord

Religion: Any.


1. Whitestorm Dynasty

Race: Human, Dak, Mermen and Half Elf.

Religion: Any.


2. Rinard Heretics

Race: Human, Dak, Mermen, Maratasen, Half Elf and Eastern Elf.

Religion: Neutral and Evil. 


3. Korellan Whitestormers

Race: Human, Mermen, Elf, Half Elf and Eastern Elf.

Religion: Good and both Raisnoah.


4. Ravaging Hordes

Race: Orc, Troll.

Religion: Gorgoroth.


5. The Forge Lords

Race: Dark Dwarf

Religion: Gorgoroth.


6. Danemarch Insurrection

Race: Orc, Human Barbarian and Eastern Elves.

Religion: Both Raisnoah and Evil.


7. Silver Crests

Race: Dak, Giant and Mermen.

Religion: Good and both Raisnoah.


8. Pride of the Matriarch

Sex: Female.

Race: Maratasen or Maratasen Barbarian and Human Barbarian.

Religion: Neutral and OM.


9. Pride of the Jagged Tooth

Sex: Male.

Race: Maratasen, Maratasen Barbarian and Orc.

Religion: OM and Gorgoroth.


10. The Guardians of the Forest

Race: Elf and Giant.

Religion: Good.


11. The Grey Brotherhood

Race: Elf and Half Elf. 

Religion: Good and both Raisnoah.


12. The Twisted Branch

Race: Eastern Elf and Half Elf

Religion: Evil and both Raisnoah.






Population at Game Start

Coming soon

Race Total Population
201 Human  
202 Orc  
203 Elf  
204 Dark Dwarf  
205 Dak  
206 Maratasen  
207 Troll  
208 Giant  
209 Merman  
210 Half Elf  
216 Halfling  
221 Human Barbarian  
223 Eastern Elf  
226 Maratasen Barbarian  






Changes to Module

Dragon Lords cannot be in a faction, so cannot achieve a factional victory. Instead, they compete for an individual Dragon Lord victory by winning the most Dragon tournaments.

However, in this game they may assist a faction.