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Crown of Chaos 28









Explorer Special

This game is an Explorer Special.

There are no victory conditions, and you cannot win. Instead it is a sandbox game, designed to allow new players to get the hang of the game, and for experienced players to try out new ideas and tactics in a relaxed atmosphere.







Setups Received

Last updated 18/08/23

Dwarf 1
Dark Elf 1
Elf 1
Fire Giant 1
Half Elf 2
Halfling 1
Insectoid 2
Man Orc 1
Man Troll 1
Mara’tasen 3
Ogre 1
Sandfolk 1
Sea elf 4
Spiderfolk 1
Troll 2
Western Human 2






Module Details

Revolts 2 monthly

Kings Peace for a year and a day

Following King’s peace the Pax Trekwill rules detailled in the module will be enforced, in the (x,y) area described.

In both the standard King’s Peace and the Pax Trekwill, we will use a ‘Spirit’ based King’s Peace.

Turnaround: 7 days throughout.

SEI Cap 1000

TL Cap 12

TG Weight 7

Thief Ruin penalty 230

Arcanists start with the number of spells detailed in the core rules.

All starting characters have 3 actions

Overlord CCAA. 1 guild @ 12

Mercenary DBB. 1 guild @ 30

Adventure Party DBBBA. 1 guild @ 8

Hero: EC. 1 guild @ 8

Clan: BBBBAAAA 1 guild @ 8 (for races that can be Clans)

All module locations have 1 large slot of urban or caravan militia

Guilds may be placed in module cities which contain the same race population as the guild sponsor or Torgau. Overlords and Mercs may place their guild in the start location. No-one may place their guild in an ally’s home location.

Overlords and Mercs pop levels vary with racial size. Troop amounts are always calculated based the amount of pop and position type.

No Teleporting of TGs using adventures or item activation.

Tough module locations, high prestige owners.

There is no restriction on the use of Character Rolling Thunder.

Carry capacity of flying mounts is quartered. CF of flying mounts is increased. Neither change affects flying warmounts. Stables give 5% growth modifier.

You are permitted to join secret factions.

If an adventure is limited to 18 times, in some circumstances I may elect to allow 50 completions. The 18 point limit was enforced due to previous code restrictions which are now bypassed. If you fail an adventure due to it being done 18 times, get in touch and I may allow it to succeed.

The module names certain training types in adventures. Many of these will be changed due to the new list of Training Types.

The Crown of Chaos module is wrong concerning Riting and taking control of characters. Pagans, Deathwalkers and the non-religious may be the target of any kind of Rite spell; only Pagans and Deathwalkers may cast Rite spells. The issue of control of the target is explained in the Legends rules. The comments about control in the Crown module are in error.

You may play amphibious races, though you are strongly discouraged from doing so as there is unlikely to be population or tertiary characters of that race in any significant quantity.

Seafarer setups are not available.







Joining Factions

You may join whatever factions you wish.






New spells and Adventures

Adventure 2500

Be a Mercenary or an Overlord Main inside your own starting location during the first month. Be race 201-240. Target the force with the adventure. Once per character. Gain – 24 towers, 8 gatehouse, 14 keep, 2 moat, 2 ditch and the title ‘Military Architect’.


Adventure 2501

Be a Mercenary or an Overlord Main inside your own starting location during the first month. Be race 241-260. Once per character. Gain – 150 Wagons, 2400 Food, 250 Iron, 250 Lumber, 200 Soft Materials,
Ask for the 200 By Products by Special Action if required.
Note that the adventure gives the Main character the goods. They are not placed into the Nomad Camp.


Special Action 2502

Be a Mercenary Main of the races 241-260. Contact the GM giving the ID of your starting guild and a secondary character. First month only.
Lose 20 points of guild strength.
The character gains +10 admin and +5 tactics.



Players who have never played Legends before may set up as an Apprentice. They may perform the following adventure:

2400 Don’t Hit Me!
Be a Main character (ID 1-200)
Gain – Apprentice Status (ID 2552), +1 Action, healing potions and poison cures, and the title ‘Don’t Hit Me!’ (2400). (This will be removed if the player joins a Faction.)
May be done once per character.
The Apprentice Status has a very good first rung, including a good bonus to Influence. It morphs quite easily, but the improvements are not that impressive. Apprentices who get the hang of statuses may decide at some point to overwrite their Status with another. The Apprentice Status is very easy to overwrite.

The ‘Don’t Hit Me!’ Title gives -50 Prestige, it can be revoked without warning if the GM feels that it is being misused.

Apprentices are encouraged to work with experienced players and should be protected from aggression whilst they have the Don’t Hit Me! title. However, I want experienced players to be aware of the behaviour of any apprentice who is allied to them.

The title protects the apprentice because it is judged that they are not that important to the game victory and we can therefore afford to give them extra protection. We don’t want the title and protection it affords to be abused, even if it is accidental by the apprentice (who won’t know the relevance of his or her actions).

As such, an apprentice should not engage in player versus player (PVP) activities. Any experienced players who are working with an apprentice should contact me if the apprentices becomes interested in PVP, or seems to be doing well enough that they don’t need the protection of the title. I will agree with the apprentice a time to remove the title, and will permit them to engage in PVP a few turns after that.

In cases where an apprentice is accidentally ‘getting in the way’ of a faction, I’d like all parties involved to contact me. It is almost always possible to sort it out to the benefit of the faction without spoiling the apprentice’s first game!






Victory Conditions

None. This game can be enjoyed but not won! This replaces all the module text on pages 64-67.







Nomination for every clash is performed using email – just let me know which characters are entering which clashes according to the times mentioned in the calendar at the end of the turns.

For all combat clashes you must provide me with an empty force ID. You must have set up the slot commanders and retreat percentage yourself.
I will teleport characters in and out of the slots as appropriate.
In team events the team leader is responsible for organising this.

Defaults: Healing after each round. Resurrection after clash. No curing of poison; stoning or insanity. Magic and mounts are permitted.
Clash results are not quite final – to give players a chance to appeal if *I* have made an error. You will be told swiftly if there is a last minute change.

There is no Mana Clash.

High Priest and Arcane Master Nomination.

Every six months Priests and Arcanists with a Base level 20 or higher can be nominated for leadership of their religion or arcane discipline.
Priority is given to Main characters first. If no Mains are nominated, then all Secondary characters (201 to 1000) are considered, and failing that, Tertiary characters (range 1001 to 5000). For example, if a Main is nominated, all characters ID 201+ are immediately ruled out. This is true for every religion and arcane discipline.

High Priest and Arcane Master Elections and Clashes.

One month later, either votes are counted, or clashes occur, or whatever method of determining the winner is employed. 

High Priest and Ecumenical Adventures 101-133

During the second and subsequent terms of office all these adventures are done by Special Action instead of by adventure.

Coven Clash

This follows identical rules to the Arcane Clash, but with equivalent prizes.

The Knight Clash

Knights submit themselves, the guild owner is not involved.

If more than one Knight is nominated from a guild, follow the High Priest nomination rules to determine precedent. If two equally important characters are submitted they have a preliminary fight amongst themselves before the clash to determine who will appear.

Duel spells are never allowed. Wounds are always healed between rounds. Mounts are always allowed. Resurrection always occurs at the end of the clash.

The Warrior Champion (winner) list on page 72 is removed. There is never an entrance fee, or a penalty for a guild not participating.

The prizes for second to last place are at the GMs discretion.

The Rune Clash

The Rune Sword – Adventure 1018
Be in Torgau force with item 2997. Have Knight 30,Swordsmaster 20, a Neutral religion and a Mark of Glory. Once per game.
Gain – Title 2899 Rune Challenger. This allows competition in the rune clash and unlocks the true power of the weapon.

The Rune Axe – Adventure 1019


Be in Torgau force with item 2996. Berserker 30 Axemaster 20, Evil religion and a Mark of Evil. Once per game.
Gain – Title 2899 Rune Challenger. This allows competition in the rune clash and unlocks the true power of the weapon.

The Rune Bow – Adventure 1020

Be in Torgau force with item 2995. Ranger 30, Bowmaster 20, Good religion and a Mark of Destiny. Once per game.
Gain – Title 2899 Rune Challenger. This allows competition in the rune clash and unlocks the true power of the weapon.

The Rune Staff – Adventure 1021

Be in Torgau force with item 2994. Arcanist 40 and a Mark of Wizardry. Once per game.
Gain – Title 2899 Rune Challenger. This allows competition in the rune clash and unlocks the true power of the weapon.

The Rune Mace – Adventure 1022

Be in Torgau force with item 2993. Priest 45 and a Mark of Divinity. Once per game.

Gain – Title 2899 Rune Challenger. This allows competition in the rune clash and unlocks the true power of the weapon.

Rune challengers enter a yearly combat clash. The challengers must have their rune weaopon equipped.

The winner holds the Rune Warrior Victory Condition.

Merchant Clash

This is available to characters in the range 1-1000, base Merchant 15.

On the day of the clash, each nominated character loses all crowns in their possessions – not the force, or a guild.

The winner is calculated by taking that amount of crowns and multiplying by the square of the base merchant rank of the character.


Fat Rogan is merchant level 18
He has 23400 crowns in his possessions.
His score in the Merchant Clash is 23400*(18*18) = 7581600

Winners prize: 1 action, Mark of Wealth, 4 Prestige
Runner Up: Mark of Fate, 2 Prestige
GM discretion worthy loser prize(s): 2 Merchant, 2 Prestige.

The GM prize or prizes may go to the 2nd to last, but will never go to a merchant who’s crown investment is considered small change.

Pathfinder Clash

The Pathfinder riddle clash is removed from this game.

Instead there will be a ‘moveplot’ clash every 6 months (see the calendar at the end of the turns):

The Ranger who has the ‘World Record’ for moving the furthest in one land based ‘move force’ order will win the clash.

Nominate a character (ID1-1000) with base Ranger skill of 10. Email me their details, specify the turn in which they performed the movement and lastly include the start and end provinces of the moveplot. (The character must have had base Ranger 10 at the time of this turn.)

The World Record will rely on the turn printout of the force movement and counts the cartesian distance between the start and end provinces. Teleporting or any similar technique that avoids actually traversing the distance is not legal. Charm of Movement is not permitted, but roads and reduced move costs are fine.

Note that ‘land based’ denies the use of flying movement, or water based movement.

The start and end provinces of the World Record will be made public.






Module Changes

Due to the sandbox nature of the game, please note the following additional module changes.

(We may add to these over time if players raise other issues we have not thought of.)


Religious Schedule

The months events take place in have been changed as follows:

October: Change Spells/Race, Selection of EL
November: EL declares HP method, EL changes Greater Symbol
December: Coven Clash (GM Note 1: Reset Adventures 110 to 112)
January: Change Spells/Race
February: Nominations for HP
March: Selection of HP
April: Change Spells/Race, Selection of EL, HP Changes Greater Holy Symbol
May: EL declares HP Method, EL changes Greater Symbol
June: Coven Clash
July: Change Spells/Race
August: Nominations for HP
September: Selection of HP


The Synod of the Dark Riders

A main character MAY have more than one membership in the Synod if they meet the qualification of owning the city and the skill.


Free Senators

A main character MAY be a senator of more than one location.


Imperial Ducal Leader

A main character may have MULTIPLE ducal titles (#2511).


Chaos Lords Leadership Requirements

Must bring as a prisoner to Wingrave a character #1001-1066.