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Immortals’ Realm 9







Game Summary

In this IR variant players pledge to a Faction ‘Coalition’ (normally a pair, but there is one trio, of factions. See below). 

Duo Positions: Players may choose to run two positions in this game. Each position of a Duo must set-up in, and follow all the conditions of separate factions in a coalition. Your main character in each position will be given the title that represents membership of all factions in a Coalition. You must continue to run two positions for at least 12 months. 

Such a game may produce broken combinations of adventures, the idea is to play and explore them. 

Coalitions consist of GOOD+NEUTRAL or EVIL+NEUTRAL factions. 

Victory is achieved by fulfilling the Good or Evil VCs present in the Coalition. The VCs to use for each coalition are listed below. 






Faction Coalitions

The Factions in IR9 have banded together in loose coalitions to try and save the world of Verana. The coalitions are as follows:

  • Elves and Arcanists: Elves (Good) + The Arcane Coalition (Neutral) (Elven VCs)
  • Vol and Clans: The Clans of Margeth (Neutral) + The Hand of Vol (Evil) (Vol’s VCs)
  • Nagashun and Guardians: The Servants of Nagashun (Evil) + The Guardians of Rok Tsgar (Neutral) + The Seekers and the Guardians (Neutral) (Tahman can be banished from, or be alive and present on, Verana) (Nagashun VCs)
  • Nameless and Umbria: The Followers of the Nameless One (Evil) + The Kingdom of Umbria (Neutral) (Nameless VCs)
  • Lords and Paverain: The Royal House of Paverain (Neutral) + The Lords of the Rock (Good) (Lords of Rock VCs)
  • Raswen and Talthain: Talthain (Neutral) + The Holy Order of St. Raswen the Bold (Good) (can own or destroy Rok Tathgar as a VC) (Raswen VCs)

Module city and guild owning characters within a Coalition will all have their factional allegiances aligned. Influencing within a Coalition should thus suffer no factional modifier, but any race and religous factors will remain. 

Note changes to the factions as vs the module, listed below, are still in effect (go read them!). 






Game Details

King’s Peace: Until the 3rd production has passed. 

Note that the D1 and D2 orders are not prohibited by the ‘Spirit Based’ King’s Peace, so you are allowed to issue these two orders without concern.

First Production date will be announced when setups are sent out. 

Turns: Every 7 days until King’s Peace is over (the 3rd production), then every 10 days after that. 

Revolts run every 6 months. 

Clashes every 6 months. 

Victory conditions must be held for two consecutive productions. Faction Coalitions may only have up to 10 positions being played. 






Pledging to Play Process


  1. Decide which faction coalitions you would most like to play (ranked list of 3 preferences) – or ‘joker’ if you are happy to play in any faction coalition. We cannot guarantee you will get these positions, but will bear your preferences in mind. The deadline for us to receive these preferences is 3rd January ’22.
  2. The GM works out which faction coalition you are all playing in.
  3. The GM informs you which faction coalition you (or your team) are in and forwards the contact details of the others in your faction coalition.
  4. You work out your setups and send them to the GM by 17th Janary ’22.
  5. Game starts appromixately three weeks after that, date of the first production will be set accordingly at this point.






Starting Positions per Coalition

Last updated: 24th February ’22

Coalition Number of Positions
Elves and Arcanists 7
Vol and Clans 8
Nagashun and Guardians 8
Nameless and Umbria 8
Lords and Paverain 7
Raswen and Talthain 7
Jokers 0






Set-up Details

An Individual player can elect to play a single, or duo position. 

Only players who elect to be a Joker get Baubles to spend (50 per position). 

Players may also send a confidential list of players they would prefer not to play with and we will attempt to accommodate such wishes. 

Any late joiners should contact the GMs to find out which factions are available to them. 

The GM will (unless it causes problems with the setup) reserve 1 space in each faction for Joker players. 

Arcanists start with the spells detailed in the module, note that this is more than detailed in the rulebook. 

All characters start with 3 character actions.

Flying mounts will be rare in the game.

Heroes ED – 2 guilds each str 8 – two flying mounts

Adventurer Parties DCBBB – no guild – one flying mount

Overlords CBBBA – 2 guilds each str 8

Mercenaries DCBA 1 guild str 8

Clans AAAAAAAA – no guild

No seafarer option in this module. 

Guilds may be placed in module cities which contain the same race population as the guild sponsor. Overlords and Mercs may place their guild in their start location. No-one may place their guild in an ally’s home location. Any Hero/Clan/Nomad may choose to have their starting guild in a ‘nearby’ non module location. 

Restrictions of religions/races for setups are correct in the module. 






Game Limits and Restrictions

SEI cap: 1000 
Public Works: 6 
Max Troop training levels: 16 
Trade goods weigh: 5 
Tactics Cap: 100% 
Thief Ruin penalty 220 
AA spells are functional. 
No teleporting of Tradegoods via item activation or adventure. 
Trading of turns between faction coalitions is not allowed. 
There are no joint victories. Victory may only be declared by a single faction coalition. 
CRT allowed. 







Baubles are ONLY available to Joker set-ups.

Baubles are not available to late setups, unless you are a new or returning player. (You are returning player if you have not run a turn in a game for more than three months.)

50 baubles per position. They have to be spent within each position, so a player with two positions must spend 50 baubles on each position, not 100 on one position. 

Work out your setup as normal and send that together with a list of extra Bauble purchases (with costs). 

Character related 

Destiny: 50 Baubles 
Glory: 50 Baubles 
Fate: 40 Baubles 
Battle: 40 Baubles 
Evil: 35 Baubles 
Cruelty: 35 Baubles 
Good: 35 Baubles 
Honour: 35 Baubles 
Wealth: 35 Baubles 

Character action: 
35 Baubles for +1 action. 

Base prestige: 
5 Baubles per +1, max +10 base prestige. 

Statistic increase (Str, Dex, Con, Bty): 
1 Bauble per point increase – up to normal max (double of base), then just one stat, per position, can go above that normal max limit – cost 5 Baubles per +1, max +5 to the stat 

Skill increase: 
Same as set up point cost (up to normal max), then just one skill, per position, can go above that normal max limit – cost 5 Baubles per +1, max +5 to the skill. 

25 Baubles for first level in second skill. (You may spend normal points on the second skill to raise the level above 1. The setup sheet will think you are overspending points as it will charge you normal points for buying the second skillat 1). 

3 Baubles per point up to normal max, then above that normal max limit – cost 15 Baubles per +1, max +5 to the stat 

2 Baubles per point up to normal max, then above that normal max limit – cost 10 Baubles per +1, max +5 to the stat 

Personal combat: 
1 Bauble per point up to normal max, then above that normal max limit – cost 5 Baubles per +1, max +5 to the stat. 

1 Bauble per 500 crowns, no limit. 

Common spells (all non group spells in the base rulebook): 
In Discipline: 
Lvl 1 spell 5 Baubles 
Lvl 2 spell 10 Baubles 
Lvl 3 spell 15 Baubles 
Lvl 4 spell 32 Baubles 
Lvl 5 spell 40 Baubles 
Lvl 6 spell 48 Baubles 

Out of discipline: 
Lvl 1 spell 7 Baubles 
Lvl 2 spell 14 Baubles 
Lvl 3 spell 21 Baubles 
Lvl 4 spell 40 Baubles 
Lvl 5 spell 50 Baubles 

No Ancient Arcane spells are available for Baubles except Greater Find Item ID# 525 which costs only 20 Baubles 

Weapon (includes wizard/druid/power staff): 
Magic: 1 Bauble each 
Pwr 1: 4 Baubles each 
Pwr 2: 8 Baubles each 
Pwr 3: 12 Baubles each 
Pwr 4: 16 Baubles each 
Pwr 5: 20 Baubles each 
Pwr 6: 24 Baubles each 

Magic: 1 Bauble each 
Pwr 1: 5 Baubles each 
Pwr 2: 10 Baubles each 
Dragon armour: 12 Baubles each 

Extra Warmounts: 
Warhorse/Warwolf/Warunicorn/Wargalloper/ War pony/ War salamander : 5 Baubles 
Wargreathorse/Wartiger/Warcamel/Warbear 10 baubles 
War elephant/War pteradactyl 20 baubles 
WarGriffon/ Warhippogriff 40 baubles 
Wardrake 50 baubles 

Spell components: 
1 Bauble per flora/special resource item no max to an individual item, but max of 3 types. 

Generic Statuses
Enchanted: 20 Baubles 
Netherworld: 20 Baubles 
Vampire: 35 Baubles 
Morghoul: 20 Baubles 
Spectre: 30 Baubles 
Wraith: 25 Baubles 
Any religious Blessed status 10 Baubles, except for religions 5 and 8 which cost 15 Baubles. 
Any religious Favored status 20 Baubles, except for religions 5 and 8 which cost 25 Baubles. 
Werewolf: 20 Baubles 
Werebear: 25 Baubles 

Unusual Statuses: 
Greater Vampire: 50 Baubles 
Lich: 40 Baubles 
Weretiger: 25 Baubles 
Werelion: 25 Baubles 
Wererat: 20 Baubles 
Skeleton: 5 Baubles 
Zombie: 10 Baubles 
Ghoul: 15 Baubles 
Local Hero: 10 Baubles 

Position related 
+20 soldiers in a slot for each 5 baubles 
+10% population for each 5 baubles 
+10 to any province resource except mithril for 10 baubles 
+10 province Mithril for 30 baubles 

Ship cost: Each bauble buys 15 ship units worth of ship 

SEI 10 per bauble 
Upgrade to Legendary Walls for 20 baubles 
Upgrade to Sanctuary for 5 baubles 
Upgrade to Haven for 5 baubles 

List creator Daniel Bernadina, editors Sam Roads, Ed Lane 






Module changes

Ship Construction Costs 
The Immortals Realm module has a line in it saying that Ship Construction Costs have been halved. This is not the case. 

The Avastro, Hasjarl and Tree of Peace adventures 
These require 25 base prestige. 

Training Types 
For the following Training Types, positive terrain modifiers are doubled, guard rating is +10, MAR and SAR are +1: 
385 Dark Servant; 
386 Talthain Knight; 
387 Pioneers; 
1080 Vol’s Destroyers; 
1083 Lance Riders; 
1301 Umbrian Knights; 
1302 Mist Knights; 
1303 Valandain Archers; 
1304 Magical Lords; 
1305 High Mages; 
1306 Drakken Mercenaries; 
1307 Desert Lords; 
1308 Followers of the Axe; 
1309 Wingmasters; 
1310 Companions; 
1311 Dark Assassins; 
1312 Orb Guardians; 
1313 City Guards; 
1314 Star Knights 

c1046 Lord Terrapon is part of the Arcane Coalition. 
c1044 Cormiss is part of the St. Raswen faction. 

Guilds g2825, the Order of Stars and g2826, the Order of ORAT have MAR of 99. 

Nameless Faction – Mains and secondaries can set up as priests. 

Talthain Faction – May not set up with characters following Religion 9, The Nameless One. 
Nordaine becomes a Talthain factionally aligned City 
Parthain becomes a Talthain factionally aligned City 

Paverain Faction – May not set up with Maratasen characters. 

Servants of Nagashun Faction – 
a. May setup in Eastern Talthain (near the subjugated cities of Riftwatch Castle and Asterain) 
b. C1017 Birna Dwarflord is now an Orc. 
c. A new Orc character owns F3013 Rok Tathgar. 

Vol Faction – May set up as Orc Mercenary anywhere from 1 to 5 provinces east of the Rift. 

Religious Adventures 
The religious adventures which resurrect now all cost 2 con. They are also once per character. This affects adventures 414,424,434,444,454,464,474,484. 

Adventure 4 
Adventure 4 does not give a mark as reward. 

Adventure 707 
Adventure 707 reward is Moor Monster, not Swamp Monster. 

Spell Definition for Greater Find Item ID# 525 
Discipline : Seer 
Rating : 5 
Spell Type : Strategic 
Range Category : Short 
Cost Type : Fixed 
Minimum Cost : 30 
+1 Conversion : 0 
Target(s) : Self 
Resources Needed : None 
Group Spells : None 
The following restrictions apply when casting this spell: NONE 
This spell will locate matching Items. 
The results will be the closest 16 provinces with a force, character, market or guild with the item. Use the S8/S9 qualifier to specify the Item ID#. The base range of this spell is fixed at 8. 

Special Action ~ Restore VC Item 
To restore ‘accidentally’ destroyed VC items or return them from other planes. 
If your faction has over half its required victory items and believes that one of the other items may have been lost from the realm: Contact the GMs who will check whether the item does exist in the main plane – if the item does not exist it is placed into a random NPC force on the map. If it does exist lose 1 con on your main character. 







Players who have never played Legends before may set up as an Apprentice. They may perform the following adventure: 

2400 Don’t Hit Me! 
Be a Main character (ID 1-200) 
Gain – Apprentice Status (ID 2552), +1 Action, healing potions and poison cures. 
May be done once per character and only by players in their first game of Legends. 
The Apprentice Status has a very good first rung, including a good bonus to Influence. It morphs quite easily, but the improvements are not that impressive. Apprentices who get the hang of statuses may decide at some point to overwrite their Status with another. The Apprentice Status is very easy to overwrite. 

Apprentices are encouraged to work with experienced players and should be protected from aggression whilst they have the Don’t Hit Me! title. However, I want experienced players to be aware of the behaviour of any apprentice who is allied to them. 

The title protects the apprentice because it is judged that they are not that important to the game victory and we can therefore afford to give them extra protection. We don’t want the title and protection it affords to be abused, even if it is accidental by the apprentice (who won’t know the relevance of his or her actions). 

As such, an apprentice should not engage in player versus player (PVP) activities. Any experienced players who are working with an apprentice should contact me if the apprentices becomes interested in PVP, or seems to be doing well enough that they don’t need the protection of the title. I will agree with the apprentice a time to remove the title, and will permit them to engage in PVP a few turns after that. 

In cases where an apprentice is accidentally ‘getting in the way’ of a faction, I’d like all parties involved to contact me. It is almost always possible to sort it out to the benefit of the faction without spoiling the apprentice’s first game! 






Races of Verana

All Barbarian population and characters have been removed from the game other than Half-Elf Barbarian (race 230). This race is not available for Player Setup. 

Nomad races/characters in the game are: Human, Orc, Dak, Maratasen and Giant. All these races are available for Player Setup. 


These will be updated periodically (if particular questions are asked frequently). 

1) All starting player characters have 3 actions, even the A and B class characters. 

2) Baubles may only be spent for purchasing spell components for standard arcana. White/Black crystal cannot be bought, the page above has been ammended to make this clearer. 

3) If baubles are used to raise a skill level to a point, which enables a guild to be built, which that type of setup would not normally have access to (e.g. a magic guild), then the guild can be built at setup. Send a separate e-mail to the GM advising of this, the setup sheet may not cope with it too well. 

4) If baubles are used to raise an arcane skill level above a new threshold for access to more spells at startup, you get the new spells. Again, the sheet may not cope with this well. Drop a note to the GM detailing your action and the extra spells you choose. 

5) Duo setups. Each position is a separate setup. No placing guilds in your ‘other’ positions’s location etc…. Each position must setup in a different faction of your chosen Coalition and follow all the setup restrictions in the module book and on this webpage. 

6) Single setups must be in a faction of your chosen Coalition and follow all the setup restrictions in the module book and on this webpage. e.g. You cannot be a VOL Merc and use Clan setup locations on the map, etc…. 

7) The Monster Exchange Adventures (bodies for small amounts of resoources) that were available to all in IR6, will also be in IR9.