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Game Summary

Jade Eye is a game for up 16 players, divided equally into four factions of up to four players.

The turnaround and production speed will be decided based on player preference.

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Players are permitted to run multiple positions in a game, up to a maximum of four positions per player.






Pledge Process

Pledge deadline: 10th October ’22

You may pledge to play 1-4 positions on your own, or you may pledge to play 4 positions with named allies.

When you pledge you should specify the number of positions you wish to play, and which factions you would prefer to play in order of preference:  

  • The Northern Kingdom (humans)
  • Skull Heap (orcs)
  • The Forest Clan (elves)
  • Stone Hearts (dwarves)

If you end up getting your second choice of faction, it will gain baubles (as per the module).

If we receive enough pledges for two games, we will run two games. 






Game Settings

  • See module for position details.
  • Maximum 20 Characters per Position.
  • SEI-Limit: 1000 with 99 possible public works.
  • Craftsmen are not limited to 5 Crowns per man. (As a result, Craftsmen will produce a lot of crowns, so that the classic trading of TradeGoods may prove to too slow in this module…)
  • Tradegoods weigh 10(!)
  • Max Troop training with T1 Order: 30.
  • Herd growth in stable: 10%.
  • TAC limit: 100%.
  • Thief Ruin Modifier -230.
  • Highest INV a Character can reach is 5.
  • No Priest-Arcanists Characters possible at setup.
  • Ships Costs: only about 25% the normal Ship Unit Costs.
  • Rumourmongers do not get exact province locations of forces when they listen for distant rumours.
  • Raw materials needed for duel or battle spells are consumed for each casting of the spell in combat, and not when assigning the spell.
  • No Penalties for Mark transfers.
  • No Flight except for Draconians and Dragons (and no flying mounts).
  • Spell #26 Teleport Base cost is 10 Mana instead of 3.
  • Spells #214 and #215 Bless/Curse are not found in Jade Eye.
  • Spells #82 Remove undead status and #252 Remove Lycanthrope status are not found in Jade Eye.






Module Details

The latest version of the module is v2.02. Please ensure you use this module.