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Swords of Pelarn 29








Game Summary

Pelarn has been torn by strife for hundreds of years and the Factions have striven to conquer all. Many have realised that they need allies to succeed and some factions have banded together whilst other have been fragmented in the quest to find allies. 

Agents of the Empire infiltrated the Knights of the West swinging The Grey and Independent Knights to their vision of a unfied Pelarn.

Bereft of their centre ground the Dark and Light Knights have joined those that follow their beliefs, pulling the Gold and Black Dragons apart along their similar divide.

The Frostnorth Patriarchy has finally split asunder along Clan lines with the Redtooth following their religious fervour to side with the Pantheon and Moonhunt following their secular leanings to conquer and rule Western Pelarn!


In this SOP variant players pledge to a Faction ‘Coalition’ (a pair, or trio) of factions. (See below).

Players can play up to two positions, which must be in the same faction coalition.

The Victory Conditions (VCs) will be set to the conditions of ONE of the factions in the coalition (see below). 

No Astral/Gate victory conditions are in required in this game for any faction.

Faction Leader titles and adventures are still active but Faction Leaders cannot invite players to join a faction. This order is suspended. (Players will only ever be members of the Factions in their chosen Coalition).

All factions are considered active from game start.






Dual/Trio Faction Coalitions

  • Empire, Grey Knights and Independent Knights – Empire VCs
  • Patriarchy (Redtooth) and Pantheon – Pantheon VCs
  • Patriarchy (Moonhunt) and Kingdom – Patriarchy VCs
  • Shadowlings and Horde – Horde VCs
  • Barbarians and Dark King – Dark King VCs
  • Dark Knights, Black Dragons and Raven Lords. – Raven Lords VCs
  • Light Knights, Gold Dragons, Council of Light. – Council VCs

Where the victory condition requires you to kidnap an ally, this part of the victory condition need not be met

Your main character must meet the membership requirements for one of the factions in your chosen coalition, but not all three. Please specify which faction’s membership requirements you are going to meet when submitting your setup.

For example, in the Empire coalition, you need to meet the setup requirements of either the Empire, Grey Knights or Independend Knights, but not all three. 


Some of the factions have membership requirements that cannot be met at start up. So if you pick one of the following factions to meet their setup requirements, you do not need to meet the following conditions:

Knights of Pelarn – need not be a titled member at startup. State on your setup to the GM which order (Dark, Light, Grey, Independent) of Knight’s Guild you intend to join. Strive to join your Knighthood Order and claim membership before six months of play is over.

Kingdom of Perlarn – need not have a prestige of 5.

Dark King – need not be undead.

Raven Lords – you may start as a Priest of Raven, but you will not gain any spells until such time as the religion is activated.


Finally, note these additional membership requirements that must be met:

Kingdom of Pelarn – must start with an influence of 5. 

Dark king – must be priest or necromancer 15. 

Frostnorth Patriarchy – Any Maratasen setup must pre-declare intent to join either the Redtooth or Moonhunt Clans, thereby choosing to be in coalition with either the Pantheon or Kingdom respectively. No unaligned Maratasen setups are allowed.

Chaos Barbarians – main characters must be race 221-260 (but not shadowling 256).








Game Details

Training Level: 10 

SEI cap: 1000 (6 public works) 

Tac cap: 100% 

Tradegoods will weigh 5. 

Thief Ruin penalty 230. 

Kings Peace until 3 productions have passed. King’s Peace will be ‘Spirit Based’. 

7 day turnaround until 3 productions have passed. Thereafter it will be a 10 day turnaround. 

Revolts every 2 months. 

No Teleporting of TGs using adventures or item activation.

Character Rolling Thunder is allowed in this game. 

Use the rulebook for likely data for weapons, armour, spells and training types.

Many items have had their names changed. You may find that an item required in an adventure has had its name changed; though its ID number will not have changed.

GMs will not be playing in this game. 






The Pledging to Play Process

GAME FULL! Sorry, we cannot accept any more pledges.

  1. Decide whether you want to play one or two positions.
  2. Decide whether you want join individually or as part of a group of friends (max six positions total in a group of friends).
  3. Decide (as a group if you joining with friends) which faction coalitions you would most like to play (ranked list of 3 preferences) – or ‘joker’ if you are happy to play in any faction coalition.
  4. Tell the GM before the pledge deadline (5th February ’24).
  5. The GM works out which faction coalition you are playing in.
  6. The GM informs you which faction coalition you are in, and forwards you the contact details of the others in your faction coalition.
  7. You work out your setups and send them to the GM before 4th March ’24.
  8. Game starts within four weeks of that, date of the first production will be set accordingly at this point.

A Joker player gains a mark of Cruelty/Honor/Fate on their main character for Evil/Good/Neutral religion respectively.

Late pledging Jokers will get a mark of Wealth on their main (rather than cruelty/honor/fate) 






Pledges Received

Dual/Trio Faction Coalitions
8 Empire, Grey Knights and Independent Knights – Empire VCs
8 Patriarchy (Redtooth) and Pantheon – Pantheon VCs
8 Patriarchy (Moonhunt) and Kingdom – Patriarchy VCs
8 Shadowlings and Horde – Horde VCs
8 Barbarians and Dark King – Dark King VCs
8 Dark Knights, Black Dragons and Raven Lords. – Raven Lords VCs
8 Light Knights, Gold Dragons, Council of Light. – Council VCs

+ appentices





Cross Game Information

Many items, spells, statuses and troop types will be manually tweaked to weaken well known paths to power and encourage players to find new ones. 

One specific note: Status trees previously seen as weak have all had their end status boosted significantly; some lower levels remain untouched. 






Set Ups

All starting characters begin with 3 actions 

Heroes EE 1 guild str 12 

Adventurer Parties DBBBBA no guild 

Overlords CCBAAA 2 guild str 16

Mercenaries DBBB 1 guild str 8, starting troops are knights

No Clans

Guilds may be placed in module cities which contain the same race population as the guild sponsor. Overlords and Mercs may place their guild in their start location. No-one may place their guild in an ally’s home location. 

Religion 11: Shadowling race only.
Religion 12: Raven faction only.
Religion 10: Draconian race only.
Any mix of religions 1-9 available to anyone.
Religion 0 permitted at startup.

Setup restrictions as listed in the module (P.103) apply along with any relevant module errata listed below.

Heroes and the main AP of flying races will get a flying mount if an appropriate standard one can be found.






Combat Clashes

For all combat clashes you must provide me with the ID of one of your empty forces. You must have set up the slot commanders and retreat percentage yourself. Please activate this force in province (1,1). 

I will teleport characters in and out of the slots as appropriate. 

In team events the team leader is responsible for organising this and must send details in a clearly marked separate email.

Defaults (where the module is not clear): Healing after rounds. Resurrection after clash if you were alive before it. No curing of poison; stoning or insanity. Magic and mounts are permitted. 

Clash results are not quite final – to give players a chance to appeal if *I* have made an error. You will be told swiftly if there is a last minute change.” 







Apprentices are encouraged to work with experienced players and should be protected from aggression whilst they have the Apprentice title. However, I want experienced players to be aware of the behaviour of any apprentice who is allied to them.  

The title protects the apprentice because it is judged that they are not that important to the game victory and we can therefore afford to give them extra protection. We don’t want the title and protection it affords to be abused, even if it is accidental by the apprentice (who won’t know the relevance of his or her actions).  

As such, an apprentice should not engage in player versus player (PVP) activities. Any experienced players who are working with an apprentice should contact me if the apprentices becomes interested in PVP, or seems to be doing well enough that they don’t need the protection of the title. I will agree with the apprentice a time to remove the title, and will permit them to engage in PVP a few turns after that.  

In cases where an apprentice is accidentally ‘getting in the way’ of a faction, I’d like all parties involved to contact me. It is almost always possible to sort it out to the benefit of the faction without spoiling the apprentice’s first game!”  






Modified Victory Conditions

Joint Victories between faction coalitions are not allowed. 

All Astral Goal Victory conditions ignored. 

Dark Knights, Black Dragons and Raven Lords must own – not destroy – Skystone.

Where the victory condition requires you to kidnap an ally, this part of the victory condition need not be met.

Where the victory conditions require you to hold a nomad camp and that is impossible to achieve (eg it is owned by another faction’s main character), the victory condition will count as complete if you hold the nomad camp’s owner as prisoner.


For a given Faction Coalition: 

To declare any victory, no other faction group may control more than 8 module cities. 

Total Victory: All required Module Cities are owned/destroyed as required, All items and conditions etc…. are owned/fulfilled as required in the module VCs for the good/evil faction in the group. 

Military Dominance Victory: After all required Module Cities are owned/destroyed/uncontrolled as required in the module VCs for the faction in the group, make a public declaration of intention to claim Military Dominance. If this is maintained for 3 productions (ie a period of at least 2 months play time) after the declaration victory is achieved. 
This removes the situation of dominating the map and having to item chase for ages, or having to appeal to every other player to concede. The 2 production maintenance period gives any objecting player time to take in game action! 






Module Errata and Game Rules

IMPORTANT: Faction Membership 

All positions will be added to the factions of their coalition at game start, you may not sponsor or be sponsored into other factions.


Faction Leadership Adventures 

All Faction Leadership adventures have the additional requirement “Main character only.” 


Definition of Module Location Destroyed 

Shadowling Meld and some Victory conditions require a definition of a module location being destroyed. Destroyed is defined as “Currently having no fortifications and having no population”. Rebuilding a location is a valid tactic to forstall a victory. 


Secret Factions

No “secret faction” victories are permitted – the adventures may still be explored. 


Non Standard Special Actions

We turn down most if not all “Non Standard” special actions.


Non Standard Races 

Be careful of playing any Non standard race – you will likely have less opportunities available to you. 


Shadowling Meld, Race Adventures and Diplomacy Fixes 

Participation in the Meld is now a choice and is performed via the adventures listed below. 

Note that in SOP29 all players the Golden Horde will have the Shadowling faction membership title and can take part. Once they do they become subject to the restriction of only being able to do Shadowling race adventures. A Golden Horde member may thus start as a race other than Shadowling, do that race adventure but at a later date, meld and subsequently do any Shadowling race adventures. However a starting Shadowling player may only ever do Shadowling race adventures. Once your charcter’s race has been Shadowling at any point, from then on you can only do Shadowling Race adventures. 

Adventure 10 – in the game month prior to the shadowling meld, do not possess the title ‘Melded’, available 200 times, worship religion 11, convert to race shadowling, teleport to Shadow City, gain life, +1 Priest and the ‘Melded’ title worth + 6 prestige’ for the month (adventure and title are reset at the Shadowling meld). 

Adventure 11 – in the game month prior to the shadowling meld, do not possess the title ‘Melded’, available 200 times, be race shadowling, convert to religion 11, teleport to Shadow City, gain life, +1 Shadowling Bible and the ‘Melded’ title worth + 6 prestige’ for the month (adventure and title are reset at the Shadowling meld). 

Adventure 12 – in the game month prior to the shadowling meld, 200 times, be char ID 1-200, member of the shadowling faction regardless of race, convert to race Shadowling, convert to religion 11, teleport to Shadow City, gain life and the ‘Melded’ title worth + 6 prestige’ (adventure and title are not reset for Main characters at the Shadowling meld). 

Religion 11 – The One, has new diplomacy modifiers (page 18) – slowing them slightly. Where it had religion 11 as the sponsor the diplomacy modifiers towards other religions are now: 


Target Religion Modifier
1 -50
2 -50
3 -50
4 -75
5 -75
6 -50
7 -100
8 -100
9 -50
10 -100
11 +15
12 -100
13+ 0


Light Council Fix

Vektricar’s attack in Sylvan forest rebalanced. 


Heathen Religion 

Speaker of Omens – is given to the Main character who is a Heathen Priest and has the highest combined Priest and Berserker skill (additional berserker requirement allows players some control over who gets the title). 

The Religion gains the following spells:

Gather Special Resource (96), Dream (156), Charm Herd (224), Nature’s Awareness (240), Hand of Nature (490) 

Additionally when a Religion is declared ‘Acursed’ by the Speaker of Omens, the Heathen’s diplomacy modifier toward them is set to -999, and that religion’s mana recovery drops by 1 until the Speaker changes the ‘Acursed’ religion (at which point these modifiers are removed). 

Bible adventures – have been tweaked appropriately. 


Pantheon Religions 

This text was missing – the associated arcane discipline for Dekatar is Necromancer 

High Priests adding spells to religions are limited to a max of 30 spells for a religion. 

Change to High priests removing spells – they may only remove spells that do NOT belong to their associated arcane. 

Adventure 2775 ~ Gain Born again. 
Be alive, Main character only – once per character, gain a Born again scroll. 

Adventure 2776 ~ Born Again 
Lose a Born Again scroll (ID 2776). Lose 2 constitution. Be not laid to rest. 
Gain ~ Life. Remove Blood Enemy, cure poison, pox and black death. 


Garrison Troops 

Garrison Troops Changed We’ll use the recently standardised Urban and Caravan Militia type status and training types for the purposes of garrisons.


Shadowling Adventure 1055

In the adventure summary appendix it says Mark of Destiny is required for adventure 1055. Should say Mark of Divinity.