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Twilight Crusade 5







We have made a number of crucial changes to the module. Please download the latest version of the module (v 5.12), which has these changes applied.

See Module Errata for full details.








Module Changes

We have made a number of major changes to the previous edition (version 3).

The chief of these changes are as follows:

  • Technoknights and Technomages have been replaced with the Starfarers and their ships.
  • New victory conditions.
  • New teleportation spheres, which allow for greater interaction between the west and east areas of the map.
  • There is no longer an initial alliance phase of the game.
  • The number of races has been reduced.

Many smaller changes have resulted from these decisions. So even if you have played Twilight Crusade before, please read the module carefully. We hope you enjoy it!






Setup Process

There is no pledge system for Twilight Crusade, as players do not start in factions.

Instead, just send in one final version of your setup.

(If you send in a revised version, you may get one less turn before first production.)

We will keep a list of races that people have sent in setups for, and if these numbers start to look unbalanced, we will stop accepting setups of that type.

The deadline for setups is Monday 1st August, 2022.

We will then aim to launch the game before the end of August.






Game Details

You may play this game with the normal one position, but it is also permitted to run two positions at once.

If you join the game with two positions:
a.) You must continue to run two positions for at least 12 months, i.e. during the first year you may NOT drop one of them and continue with the other.
b.) They must be eligible to join the same faction (so be able to choose at least one of the same Cultural and Religious Aspects (see module for details).
c.) At least one of them must be a Hero, Starfarer or Adventuring Party.

All starting characters have three actions.

Overlord: CCAAA One Guild Str 12
Mercenary: DBB One Guild Str 12
Adventurer: DCBBA
Hero: EC
Starfarer: E One Guild Str 12

Guilds may be placed in module cities which contain the same race population as the guild sponsor. Overlords and Mercs may place their guild in the start location. Starfarers may place their guilds in a Starfarer Ship. No-one may place their guild in an ally’s home location.

Overlords and Mercs pop levels vary with racial size. Troop amounts are always calculated based the amount of pop and position type. Merc setups will start with Knight soldiers.

Seafarers are allowed.

King’s Peace will end after the 2nd production. The D1 and D2 orders are not prohibited by either the King’s Peace code, NOR by the ‘Spirit Based’ King’s Peace. You are allowed to issue these two orders without concern.

There are no faction NPCs.

7 day turnaround becomes 10 day turn around after King’s peace.

Revolts every 2 months.
Training Level: 8
SEI cap: 800
Tac cap: 100%
Tradegoods will weigh 5.
Thief Ruin penalty 230.






Setups received by Cultural Aspect

Last updated: 25th August ’22

Cultural Aspect Number of Positions
Netherfolk (races 201-220) 18
Iridescent (races 241-260) 28
Darkland (races 221-240) 14
Starfarer (any race – but religions 7, 8, 9, or 10) 7
Maratasens (races 206, 226, 246) 10
Wolfin (races 218, 238, 258) 11
Human (races 201, 221, 241) 6
Elven (races 203,223,243,216) 9
Dwarves & Daks (races 204,224,244,205,225,245) 9
Bearack (races 213,233,253) 4
Orc & Troll (races 202,222,242, 208, 228, 248) 5
Saurians Halfbreeds and Spawn (races 207,227,247, 210, 230, 250, 220, 240) 6






Faction Creation

Factions in Twilight Crusade are formed at the end of the month following the end of King’s Peace. You may submit your factions at any time during that month.

Factions are not permitted to share turns with other factions.

A faction may have a maximum of 8 positions. If a player is running multiple positions both their positions must join the faction. Anyone not setting up or joining a faction (unless they are an apprentice) is considered from that date to be a Lonewolf. Lonewolf positions are not permitted to share turns with other factions, or vice versa.

To create a faction drop me an email including
1) the name of your faction (shortish names please)

2) a list of main characters that want to join the faction
(copy in any players involved to the email)

3) Faction aspects
a) which cultural aspect you wish to pick
(must be an aspect which includes all of those characters joining at this time)

b) which religious aspect you wish to pick
(must be an aspect which includes all of those characters joining at this time)

c) which starfarer aspect you wish to pick
(must be an aspect which describes all those characters joining at this time – if you are playing multiple positions including a starfarer, have them join at this point to avoid issues) 

I will also confirm that the total number of positions controlled by the players is 8 or less.
That lets me establish the faction and add all the eligible characters to it – any other main characters owned by the players are then required to become eligible and join this faction at some point before any victory is declared.

If at a later date a Lonewolf main character wishes to be added they must fit with all the aspects described – characters that have the title 2815 “Starfarer” still count toward the starfarer aspect even if their religion has changed.

Change in your eligibility for membership after you have joined does not result in expulsion from a faction

Two factions which share cultural and religious aspects may merge if the total number of members is 8 or less (all positions from involved players are accounted for).
Starfarer aspect will be added together in such circumstances.
If you would like to merge two such factions please have those factions each email me saying so (copying in all players involved please) – characters do not have to be eligible for a faction aspect for the factions to merge.






Victory Condition Clarification

For victory conditions requiring ownership of module forces

Module forces that are not locations/underground locations/cloud castles count toward your victory if any of three following conditions are met:

1) The force has at least one soldier, and you own the force, and you are not captive.

2) The force has at least one soldier and you have the owner of the force captive.

3) If the force is empty of soldiers, and you have the character with the highest prestige who is alive and not captive inside the force.







Apprentices are encouraged to work with experienced players and should be protected from aggression whilst they have the Apprentice title. However, I want experienced players to be aware of the behaviour of any apprentice who is allied to them.  

The title protects the apprentice because it is judged that they are not that important to the game victory and we can therefore afford to give them extra protection. We don’t want the title and protection it affords to be abused, even if it is accidental by the apprentice (who won’t know the relevance of his or her actions).  

As such, an apprentice should not engage in player versus player (PVP) activities. Any experienced players who are working with an apprentice should contact me if the apprentices becomes interested in PVP, or seems to be doing well enough that they don’t need the protection of the title. I will agree with the apprentice a time to remove the title, and will permit them to engage in PVP a few turns after that.  

In cases where an apprentice is accidentally ‘getting in the way’ of a faction, I’d like all parties involved to contact me. It is almost always possible to sort it out to the benefit of the faction without spoiling the apprentice’s first game!”  







Module Errata

These have been fixed in v 5.12, and we recommend you download this. But if not, please note:


Errata for v 5.12

Adventure 140 Skeleton Revival no longer has Lose 2 Beauty.


Errata for v 5.10

Clarification to the timing of when title 2804: Possessed of Koros can be gained.


Errata for v 5.10

Fixes to Glowing Way spell lists.


Errata for v 5.09

Adventure 2602 should target province you are in.


Errata for v 5.06

Race 222 cannot have 221 Dark Humans as secondaries.


Errata for v 5.04

Religion 3 has spell 283 listed as level 2. It should be level 3.


Errata for v 5.03

Page 101 Cultural aspects has the incorrect race numbers for the Darkland and Iridescent races, they should say Iridescent (241-260) and Darkland (221-240).


Errata for v 5.02

Starfarer Adventures 2807, 2808, 2809, 2810, should say ‘be in force 10##’.

Adventure 141 Koros Possessed, should say: lose Starfarer title (if owned).