North Island 74







Game Summary

In Nic74 the Dragon Riders and Druids are subsumed into the other 5 main factions. Players which do not chose to play any of the extra Dragon Rider or Druid facets, will receive a Mark of Power on the 6th production of the game. See Pledging for more details.







Game Details

Training Level: 12 

SEI cap: 800 (public works 6)

Tac cap: 100%

Tradegoods will weigh 5.

Thief Ruin penalty 280.

10 day turnaround throughout.

Revolts every month.

Snapshot victory conditions are used.

No Teleporting of TGs using adventures or item activation.

There is no restriction on the use of Character Rolling Thunder.

King’s Peace until 3 productions have passed (extended from 1 month due to a number of new/returning players). King’s Peace is defined as follows:

During King’s peace you may not take actions which are intended to directly detriment another player. If you feel that someone has broken the spirit of this rule, contact the GM, who will look at the situation, talk with both players, and then make a judgment. The GM’s ruling will be based on ‘spirit’ and ‘intent’.

Note that the D1 and D2 orders are not prohibited by the ‘Spirit Based’ King’s Peace, so you are allowed to issue these two orders without concern.






Set-up Details

All characters start with 3 character actions.

Flying mounts will be rare in the game.

Heroes ED – 2 guilds each str 8 – two flying mounts

Adventurer Parties DCBBB – no guild – one flying mount

Overlords CBBBA – 2 guilds each str 8

Mercenaries DCBA 1 guild str 8

Clans AAAAAAAA – no guild

No seafarer.

Guilds may be placed in module cities which contain the same race population as the guild sponsor. Overlords and Mercs may place their guild in their start location. No-one may place their guild in an ally’s home location. Any Hero/AP/Nomad may choose to have their starting guild in a ‘nearby’ non module location.

Overlords get 5000 pop for Small, 4000 pop for Medium, 3000 pop for Large. Mercs get 2000, 1600, 1200. Troop amounts are always calculated based the amount of pop and position type. Troops for Mercenary setups are Knights, troops for Overlords are Guards.

Your position may have members of several religions if consistent with faction membership, but they must all be of the same alignment. See the section on Druids for the exceptions to this stipulation.






Faction Sizes

The number of faction members per faction is restricted as follows (see the module for adventures listed below):

Adventures 1100 (Elven), 1200 (Alvera), 1300 (Solaran), 1400 (Saurian), and 1700 (Troll king) may be completed 8 times (Five factions of max size 8).

Players may opt to also join either the Druidic or Dragonrider factions in addition to their own.

No player may be a Dragon Rider and a Druidic Council member.

Adventure 1500 may be completed 10 times – up to twice for each of the 5 factions (Two members per faction can also be a Druids).

Adventures 1801, 1802 and 1803 may be completed by all players – (All other members of a faction can also be a Dragon Rider).







There are 5 main factions in game (#1, #2, #3, #4 and #7). Each player choses a main faction. Two characters per faction can also be members of faction #5 (Druids), or up to all can be members of faction #8 (Dragon Riders), as additions to their main factions! These are not separate factions.

A player can be in a main faction only, or in a main faction and be a Dragon Rider, or in a main faction and be a Druid.

Everyone must join their faction before the end of King’s Peace, or within the first month of play if they join the game late.







Each faction may have up to two main characters become a member of the Druid faction, who may complete adventure 1500, and this allows them influencing possibilities for the Druidic Council towns (forces 3026, 3049 and the White Tree).

Most druid faction adventures and special actions are changed to be ‘once per character’ this affects adventures 1501, 1505, 1506, 1507, 1508, 1509, 1510, 1511, 1515, 1516, 1517

Adventures 1503 and 1504 will not be available to characters who are in the Elven faction as their main faction.


Druidic Council Membership and Religion 

A player who wishes to join the Druidic Council on top of their main faction must setup to be able to complete Adventure 1500. They should complete Adventure 1500 before joining their main faction.

However, this means that the main character must be of religion 8, Wyldwood Druid (neutral).

Secondary characters of this position may either be of the Wyldwood religion, or of the religions allowed by the main faction. For example, if the position is joining the Troll King faction, the secondary characters may have EVIL religion, even though this is a different alignment to the religion of the main character. But clearly they could not choose a GOOD religion.


Druidic Council and Main Faction Membership

Positions normally join the main factions via Adventures 1100, 1200, 1300 etc….. Members of the Druidic Council should complete adventure 1500 first and then join their main factions via similar Adventures, 1150, 1250, 1350 etc…

These adventures will have the same restrictions as 1100, 1200, 1300, …, except any religous restriction will be replaced with, “must worship religion #8 Wyldwood druid” and requirement to have title 2995 Counciltori (gained on joining the Druidic council) will be added.


Example 1: 

Adventure 1100 ~ Join Elven faction 
Be an Elven or a Dark Elven Main who worships Hahsandra. 18 times. 
Gain ~ Become Elven member 


Adventure 1150 ~ Join Elven faction 
Be an Elven or a Dark Elven Main who worships Wyldwood, posses title 2995 Counciltori. 2 times. 
Gain ~ Become Elven member


Example 2: 
Adventure 1200 ~ Membership of King Alvera’s Faction 
Be a Main who is not from an Elven race, a Troll or a Saurian and who doesn’t worship Hahsandra, GARM or the Temple of the Dead. 18 times. 
Gain ~ Become Alvera member 


Adventure 1250 ~ Membership of King Alvera’s Faction 
Be a Main who is not from an Elven race, a Troll or a Saurian and who worships Wyldwood, posses title 2995 Counciltori. 2 times. 
Gain ~ Become Alvera member


Secondary characters of such a position still need to obey all the religious restrcitions of Adventure 1200, be of religion #8, Wyldwood Druid.

And similar for Adventures 1300, 1400 and 1700.


Druidic Victory

If the druid positions in a faction fulfills all the victory conditions for the druid faction then the main faction may claim a Druidic victory (this ends the game and counts as a win, even if their main factional goals are not fulfilled).






Dragon Riders

Each faction may have several main characters become Dragon Riders, who may each complete one of adventure 1801, 1802 or 1803, and this allows them influence possibilities for the Old Dragonrider towns (forces 3019, 3020, 3021). 


Dragon Rider Clashes 

The Dragonrider clashes are open to all main characters with the title Dragon Rider. However, no character may enter the pugilist and gladiator clash, and each faction may only enter one pugilist and one gladiator.

This rule will be waived during the third and final set of clashes (all Dragon riders will be entered in both the final Pugilist and Gladiator clashes).

After the final Dragon Rider Clash: The faction that contains the winning Dragonmaster may claim an honourable mention if they do not go on to win the game.






Combat Clashes

For all combat clashes you must provide me with an empty force ID. You must have set up the slot commanders and retreat percentage yourself. You must inform the gm of these details in a separate email.

I will teleport characters in and out of the force as appropriate.

Defaults: Healing after rounds. Resurrection after clash. No curing of poison; stoning or insanity. Magic and mounts are permitted.

Clash results are not quite final – to give players a chance to appeal if *I* have made an error. You will be told swiftly if there is a last minute change.”







When pledging to play, a player specifies their choice of main faction (three choices in descending order), whether they also wish to also be a Dragon Rider, or a Druidic Council Member (cannot be both).

Factions can only have a maximum of two Druid positions and the GM will try to balance faction strength/choice and the desire of players for a Druidic position.

Players who select to be neither a Dragon Rider or Druid upon setup, will at the sixth production have a mark of Power bestowed upon their main character.

If their main character already has a Mark of Power at this point they can nominate a secondary to receive the mark.

You may also include with your pledge (in confidence) the name of any particular player(s) you do not wish to end up in the same faction with, and we will try to take that into account.

At the end of this process each player will know what faction they are in, whether they are also a Drgaonrider or Druid, and they can then design their setup!

Preformed teams of up to 3 player are allowed in this game. All members in the team must inform the GM that they are in the specified team. The team should submit at ranked list of faction choices, (as per a single player), and Dragon Rider/Druidic Council choices for all the members.






Module Changes and Errata

Many items have had their names changed. You may find that an item required in an adventure has changed name; though its ID number will not have changed.


Racial Quests 401-452

These may now be completed once per faction.


Pomeroy Fields and Apprentices

There will be no Pomeroy Fields. All adventures and SAs involving it will not function.


Gemidiah priests gain Spell 26 Teleport and Spell 43 Cause Insanity.

Barosa priest gain Spell 21 Transfer Mana.

Universal priests gain Spell 154 Eye of Scrying and Spell 58 Blur Illusion, losing Spell 176 Warding. Their holy symbol allows casting Spell 176 Warding, Spell 295 Heal Character and Spell 40 Erase Blood Enemy at 5 free mana.



Saurians may start on Ur Rah.


Chaos Lords

The Chaos lords are not in play for this game.


Cross Game Info

Many items, spells and troop types will be manually tweaked to weaken well known paths to power and encourage players to find new ones.


Astral Market

The Astral Market will not be in this game.


Garrison Troops Changed

We’ll use the recently standardised Urban Type and Caravan/Cavalcade status and training types for the purposes of garrisons.

The Garrison ‘race’ for soldiers should not exist – if you see it contact the GMs.

All module locations will have 5 slots with Urban Militia troops of an appropriate race, all module Nomad camps will have 5 slots of Cavalcade Militia, the other 3 slots will be on theme for the force.

Other status – Cavalcade

CF 10

DF 4 

AF 50 

Land move: minus 10


SAR 2 

-100 attacking walls 

-10 for all other Terrain mods 


Other status – Urban 

CF 15 

DF 5 

AF 50


Land move: minus 10 

Morale add 40 

SAR 2 

+125 Defending Walls 

-100 for all other Terrain mods 


Training Type – Militia  

Land move: minus 10  

Cost to train 20  

Guard rating 20  

+50 AF with Javelin  

-100 attacking walls  

zero for all other Terrain mods 



This game has ‘snapshot’ victories, and in terms of victory conditions “Module location” does not refer to cloud castles or nomad camps.



Special Action 1298 ~ Parliament of Rooks 
Parliment of Rooks is not active in this game. 

Adventure 1508 Animals
Be a member. 10 times – once per character.
Gain – sponsor gains 50 animals each of Unicorn, Sahars, Great Horse, Mammoth and Sand Lizards.

Adventure 2500 
Be a Mercenary or an Overlord Main inside your own starting location during the first month. Be race 201-240. Target the force with the adventure. Once per character. 
Gain – 24 towers, 8 gatehouse, 14 keep, 2 moat, 2 ditch and the title ‘Military Architect’.

Adventure 2501 
Be a Mercenary or an Overlord Main inside your own starting nomad camp during the first month. Be race 241-260. Once per character. 
Gain – 150 Wagons, 2400 Food, 300 Iron, 300 Lumber. Note that the adventure gives the Main character the goods. They are not placed into the Nomad Camp.

Adventure 2502 
Be a Mercenary or an Overlord Main inside your own starting force during the first month. Target your pop-seg. Once per character.
Gain 250 broadswords; 250 javelins; 250 small laminated; 175 medium laminated; 100 large laminated and 2000 crowns. Note that the goods are given to the Main character. The popseg will gain 250 unskilled. 

Adventure 1101 ~ Summon Reinforcements. 
Be a member. Be in your target force with a target empty slot. Once per character. 8 times. Not in May. 
Gain – The slot gains 150 Level 20 ‘Hahsandra Hewn’ Fey archers. The title ‘Hewn Summoner’ worth -5 prestige.

Adventure 1200 ~ Membership 
Be a Main who is not from an Elven race, a Troll or a Saurian and who doesn’t worship Hahsandra, GARM or the Temple of the Dead. 8 times. 
Gain ~ Membership of Alveran faction 
(+5 tactics from old NIC games not present in new NIC games)

Adventure 1215 ~ Swordmaster 
Be a member with Swordmaster 45. Once per character. 
Gain ~ A Sword of Slicing 

Adventure 1216 ~ Axemaster 
Be a member with Axemaster 45. Once per character. 
Gain ~ An Axe of Slicing

Adventure 1217 ~ Bowmaster 
Be a member with Bowmaster 45. Once per character. 
Gain ~ A Bow of Piercing

Adventure 1300 ~ Membership 
Be a race other than Elf, Dark Elf, Saurian, Eastern Human, Troll, Orc. Main only. 
Gain ~ Membership of Solara faction, 3 Sorcery, 2 Stealth, 8 Rumourmonger, 3 Tactics.

Adventure 1606 ~ Greater Ring Lord 
Gives a Mark of Evil

Adventure 583 ~ Share the Power 
Wyldwood Priest only. 5 times. Once per character. 
Gain 1 Prestige.

Adventure 504 ~ Necrology 
Priest of the Temple Level 15. Main only. Once per character. 
Gain ~ Acquire Greater Litch (ID 1874) status.

Adventure 204 ~ Dwarves 
Gain ~ Mark of Wealth, 4 Merchant, 5 Axemaster.

Adventure 207 ~ Saurian 
Gain ~ 2 Wizard, 2 PC

Adventure 216 ~ Dark Elf 
Gain ~ 5 Stealth, Swordmaster, Bowmaster and 2 PC, Dex

Adventure 226 ~ Maratasen 
Gain ~ 1 Action

Adventure 404 ~ Grey Beard 
Be a Dwarven Main inside Hightower, with Axemaster 10, PC 10 and Marks of Power and Destiny. Lose 500 mithril, 500 gold, 500 silver and 500 precious gems. Once per faction. 
Gain ~ 8 Prestige, 1 Action, a Mark of Glory, the title ‘Grey Beard’ worth 5 Influence towards Dwarves and the Ring of Greybeard – the item is linked to the title and has alchemical spells.

Adventure 405 ~ Plumage Regina 
Be a Dak Main inside Star Port from August, year 11. Be a Wizard Level 30, Tactics 20, effective Prestige 30. Own a force with 5000 Dak population. Neither worship an evil deity, nor have an undead status. Once per faction. 
Gain ~ Control of the city of Star Port, 6 Prestige and the title of ‘Plumage Regina’ worth 5 Influence towards Daks. 
Adventure 405 proceeds as stated on first completion. Further completions give the title, troops, +2 actions and a Mark of Power but DO NOT give control of StarPort (please e-mail the GMs separately if you intend to complete this adventure on your turn).

Adventure 452 ~ Voice of the Herd 
Be a Centaur Main with Strength 20, Dexterity 15, Constitution 24, PC 25, Effective Prestige 20, and Marks of Power and Destiny. Own a Nomad Camp with 4000 Centaur population. Once per faction. 
Gain ~ 1 Action, 5 Warlock. Learn the Troop Type Centaur Doomrider and gain the title ‘Voice of the Herd’ worth 8 Prestige and 5 Influence Centaurs.

Adventure 1776 ~ Born Again 
Lose a Born Again (ID 1776). Lose 2 constitution. Be not laid to rest. 
Gain ~ Life. Remove Blood Enemy, cure poison, pox and black death.

Adventure 2001 ~ Fate’s Puppet 
Main only, not Destiny’s Stepchild. During the first month of play. Lose 1 Action. 200 times. 
Gain ~ Mark of Fate, 3 PC and the title Fate’s Puppet.

Adventure 2002 ~ Destiny’s Stepchild 
Main only, not Fate’s Puppet. During the first month of play. Lose 1 Action. 200 times. 
Gain ~ Mark of Destiny and the title Destiny’s Stepchild.

Adventure 2005 ~ Swordmaster 
Be a character ID 1-1000, Swordmaster 25. Once per character. May-August year 11 only. 18 times. 
Gain ~ 5 Swordmaster.

Adventure 2006 ~ Axemaster 
Be a character ID 1-1000, Axemaster 25. Once per character. May-August year 11 only. 18 times. 
Gain ~ 5 Axemaster.

Adventure 2007 ~ Bowmaster 
Be a character ID 1-1000, Bowmaster 25. Once per character. May-August year 11 only. 18 times 
Gain ~ 5 Bowmaster.

Adventure 2008 ~ Rumourmonger 
Be a character ID 1-1000, Rumourmonger 10. Once per character. May-August year 11 only. 18 times 
Gain ~ 10 Rumourmonger.

Adventure 2009 ~ Spy 
Be a character ID 1-1000, Spy 15. Once per character. May-August year 11 only. 18 times 
Gain ~ 5 Spy.


Racial Diplomacy Modifiers 
The module book lists diplomacy modifiers for allowed secondary characters and hated races, and a second set of modifiers for interaction between civilised, barbarian and nomadic sub-cultures.

Those two tables are combined and superseded by those given below. 

Diplomacy Modifiers
Sponsor Race ID -25 -50 -75 -150 Hated (-999)
Eastern Human 201 204 209, 205, 221   All other 203, 216, 228, 222
Elf 203 216       201, 204, 205, 207, 215, 221, 222, 226, 228, 252, 209, 261
Dwarf 204 201 215, 205   All other 203, 216, 228
Dak 205 201 204, 221   All other 226, 228, 222
Saurian 207     222 All other 201, 221, 203, 216
Halfling 215   201, 204 252 All other 222, 228
Dark Elf 216 261, 203     All other 201, 221
Western Human 221 226 222, 201 205 All other 203, 207
Orc 222 228 226, 221   All other 203, 201
Maratasen 226 222 221   All other 252, 205
Troll 228 222 226   All other 201, 221, 203, 216
Centaur 252   215 216 All other 222, 228, 226
Giant 209   201 252 All other 221, 207, 203
Human Slave 261       216 201, 203, 204, 205, 207, 215, 221, 222, 226, 228, 252, 209,


Main Race ID Allowed Secondaries
Eastern Human 201 204, 209, 205
Elf 203 216
Dwarf 204 201, 215, 205
Dak 205 201, 221, 204
Saurian 207 222
Halfling 215 252, 201, 204
Dark Elf 216 261
Western Human 221 226, 222, 205
Orc 222 228, 226, 221
Maratasen 226 222, 221
Troll 228 222, 226
Centaur 252 215, 216

Any other subcultures of races (for example Human Nomad 241) will have very little (to zero) population levels, any that do remain with have -150 for all diplomacy. The amounts of “player races” spawned will be tweaked accordingly for game balance, for example: what was “Civilised Troll” in previous games will likely be Troll Barbarian.

This will apply to all future NIC games starting with NIC74