The One Ring 6







Game Summary

This is a variant of the One Ring where there are just two sides, Light and Dark. Free People and Dark Servant points are not relevant, there are no winning Factions, just a winning side. 

1. Players should pledge to join a faction on the Light or Dark sides, but remember through balance comes strength! The numbers pledged to each faction will be reported on this page with updates. 

2. Players can setup as a Joker at three levels:

  • Level A: They specify a preferred faction on the Light side and a preferred faction on the Dark side, and let the GM slot them into either, to help balance the game.
  • Level B: They specify that they are willing to play any faction in the game, and let the GM slot them in anywhere.
  • Level C: The GM chooses whether the player joins the Light or Dark side for game balance, after which the player specifies which faction they pledge to join on that side! This gives Joker C players a chance to talk to any partially formed Light or Dark team and consider where they could have the most impact!

3. Joker Rewards

  • Level A: an appropriate extra factional Mark item (i1941-1948).
  • Level B: an appropriate extra factional Mark item (i1941-1948) and their Main character will be awarded a Mark of Good, or a Mark of Evil.
  • Level C: an appropriate extra factional Mark item (i1941-1948).

4. Other than Jokers, players are totally in charge of which faction they setup as (while still fully obeying module restrictions). E.g. In the unlikely case that nobody on the Light side plays Eriador, the game will proceed without Eriador. (It may also find itself without Frodo, or Strider, or even Gandalf in that case). 

5. There are a total of 42 positions available in the Light side, and 42 positions available in the Dark side. 
This is based on the original design of 24 positions in factions 1-3, and 18 positions in the Free companies and similarly having 24 positions in factions 5-7, and 18 positions in the Fell Lords. 

Note, if most players on one side choose a particular faction, setups WILL be crowded and overlap excessively! 

6. There will be no restrictions on turn sharing within the Light or Dark sides.

7. The game ends when either Free People Victory or Dark Servant Victory is achieved. There will be no winning faction, just a winning side. (repeated for clarity).






Pledging Late

If you miss the deadline – and are happy to let me place you on one side or the other (to balance things out) that’s great and I’m happy to assign you a side, and then let you set up a position of your choice – but you won’t get any of the additional ‘factional mark type’ items that Joker pledges get.

If you just send a late setup I’ll have to assume you waited until the players who pledged are already settled in their factions – and then after talking to them decided you want to send in a specific setup for a faction. Now that is fine – but I will deduct 1 ‘factional Mark type’ item from your position (otherwise everyone will do that and the pledging process becomes pointless). And if that factional region is heavily oversubscribed I may need to ask you to send in a different setup (but I will probably be able to keep you on the same side).






Dual Positions

Dual positions are now allowed in this game. If you want to run a second position it must be in a different faction on the same side (Light or Dark). Both positions must be run for at least year (no stripping assests of one position into another). Joker bonuses apply per position.






Adventure Times Adjusted

1. Gondor/Eriador: Gandalf Rallies at Minas Tirith (1334) was at production 6, now at production 5. Fortify at Minas Tirith (1335) was at production 6, now at production 5. Muster at Harrowdale (1160) host was at production 10, now at production 8. Sam/Rosie (1373) was at production 12, now at production 9.

2. White Hand: Summon Gandalf (1520) was at production 10, now at production 8. King Saruman’s Mines (1524) was at production 4, now at production 3. Troops of Isengard (1525) was at production 8, now at production 6.

3. Mirkwood: Easterling Horde adventures (1650 and 1651) were at productions 10 and 20 now become productions 8 and 16. Summon Shelob/Throwkmaw/Lamthanc (1617/1618/1619) were at production 10, now all become production 8.

4. Ring Adventures: Heart-of-Oak (2610) adventure becomes Heart-of-Flint (2611). This change was at production 10, now at production 8. Special Action Nazgul descend on Hobbiton (2626) was at production 5, now at production 4.

5. General: Reward vassals (3) was at production 10, now at production 8. 






Pledges Received

Last updated: 14/12/2015

Faction Number of pledges in
1 The Call of Gondor 5
2 The Rhovanion Alliance 5
3 The Council of Eriador 5
4 The Free Company 6
5 The White Hand of Isengard 5
6 The Shadow Over Mirkwood 5
7 The Agents of Mordor 4
8 The Fell Lords 5






Game Details

Training Level: 12 

SEI cap: 700 (99 public works)

Tac cap: 50% 

Tradegoods will weigh 5.

Thief Ruin penalty 230.

There is no restriction on the use of Character Rolling Thunder.

In Middle-earth there will be a King’s Peace for three months. See the rules section of this website for details.

WARNING There will be no King’s peace in the Withered Heath or Moria.

7 day turn around until first production, then 10 day thereafter. 

Revolts every month.

Factions 1, 2, 3 and 4 may share turn data. Factions 5, 6, 7 and 8 may share turn data. There should be no sharing of data/diplomacy between the two sides!






Pricing Details

In order to pay the required royalties to the Tolkien estate, the game is more expensive than a normal game of Legends:

Order cost: 9p

Minimum turn cost: £4.30

Maximum turn cost : £11.60

Start up cost: £5 (as usual)






Setup Details

The Set-up position types will have the following configurations in this game.

All starting characters have 3 actions

Heroes EE – 1 guild @ 20

Adventurer Parties DCBBB – one guild @ 10

Overlords CBBBA – 2 guilds @ 10

Mercenaries DCBA 1 guild @20


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