The One Ring 7







Late Pledge System

If you wish to join OR7, please send in a pledge by email ( or via our Join Game form.

You may choose one of the two pledges:

Joker Pledge. You could end up in any faction. One of your secondary characters who is not a covert or tactician gets a semi-random Mark.

Faction Pledge. You can choose a first choice faction and a second choice faction. You are likely to end up in your first choice, unless it is oversubscribed by more than 8 players who picked it as a Faction Pledge, in which case you have fair, random chance of getting bumped down to your second choice.

(This is a points based system. You may either buy a Mark, or you may buy your choice of faction, or you may buy your choice of teammates.)


Current Positions (last updated 3rd December ’18)

Faction Pledge Numbers
1 The Call of Gondor 7
2 The Rhovanion Alliance 7
3 The Council of Eriador 6
4 The Free Company 1
5 The White Hand of Isengard 8
6 The Shadow Over Mirkwood 8
7 The Agents of Mordor 8
8 The Fell Lords 5






Game Details

Please get in touch via whispers or directly ( if you see any problems.

Training Level: 12

SEI cap: 700 (99 public works)

Tac cap: 50%

Tradegoods will weigh 5.

Thief Ruin penalty 230.

There is no restriction on the use of Character Rolling Thunder.

7 day turn around until first production, then 10 day thereafter.

Revolts every month.

In this game, you may not share turn result files outside your faction. (This supersedes what is stated in the module.)


King’s Peace

In Middle-earth there will be a ‘spirit based’ King’s Peace for three months. The D1 and D2 orders are not prohibited by either the King’s Peace code, NOR by the ‘Spirit Based’ King’s Peace. You are allowed to issue these two orders without concern.

WARNING: There will be no King’s peace in the Withered Heath or Moria.

During King’s Peace, Military orders that Block armies are allowed as long as the intention is an attempt to block people from moving into/through your factional area (defined as the area in which factions 1-3 or 5-7 might be allowed to set up).

This means, for example that Hobbits can block Orcs/Nazgul moving into the Shire, and all Dark Servants can block Hobbits from moving the Ring toward Mordor. Even Apprentices can be blocked in this regard.

Please don’t Block forces from moving back along their arrival route.

The Special Action 2604 ~ Steal the Precious is permitted during King’s Peace.







Pricing Details

In order to pay the required royalties to the Tolkien estate, the game is more expensive than a normal game of Legends:

Order cost: 9p

Minimum turn cost: £4.30

Maximum turn cost : £11.60

Start up cost: £5 (as usual)






Setup Details

All starting characters have 3 actions

Heroes EE – 1 guild @ 20

Adventurer Parties DCBBB – 1 guild @ 10

Overlords CBBBA – 2 guilds @ 10

Mercenaries DCBA 1 guild @20

No position may set up in the province of a module city, or in another player’s location. However, players may request to be set up adjacent to module cities, unlike my normal set up policy.

GMs may be playing in this game: see the section below for full details.

During the submission of setups phase, I will operate the usual premier setup rules – so anyone who sends in multiple setups will process after those who send in one setup.






GMs Playing

I will allow GMs and coders to play in OR7. If you are not comfortable playing in a game with them, please don’t join the game.

Here are some of the ground rules that playing GMs will work by:

  • Ed is the referee of the game. He will rule more harshly against GM players when there is any doubt.
  • GM players may know things about the game engine which other players don’t. They will not avoid using this knowledge, but will not share it with their teammates.
  • GM players will not look at the OR7 database except where Ed requests that they do so for work purposes.
  • GM players will play to win, which may include the use of diplomatic spin and outright diplomatic lying.
  • If GM players discover some information about the game which they should not have access to, they will ignore it./li>
  • GM players will not cheat!






Module Changes

These changes are found in the new version of the module, but listed here for ease of reference.



The loyalty of all characters that can be acquired by adventure has been increased (to slightly reduce the impact of the Istari).



The Breeding Pits can now be used by any Istari with a Mark of Cruelty (not just Saruman).

Adventures that gain the Lay of Five Armies now only need 50 prestige.

Corruption Gathered now only needs 4 Ungoliant Corrupt.


Free People Victory

General of the Valar – used to give 1 point each, now gives 1 point for each faction that has at least one.

No General of Melkor – used to give 2 points, now gives 1 point for each enemy faction that doesn’t have a General of Melkor.


Free People Points

Lord and Lady of a Faded Age now only require 4 characters to have passed west


Dark Servant Victory

General of Melkor – used to give 1 point each, now gives 1 point for each faction that has at least one.

No General of the Valar – used to give 2 points, now gives 1 point for each enemy faction that doesn’t have a General of the Valar


Dark Servant Points
New title available for Trolls – Búbhosh Ulog (t1667)


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