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Avalon Revisited 26







Game Summary

This game is an Avalon Revisited variant of the Adventure in Avalon module.

All information required to play this game can be found in the Avalon Revisited document in the Resources section of this page.






Premier Set-ups

Setups for this game may be submitted between now and midday 6th January 2019 (GMT).

Anyone who submits precisely one version of their setup before then will be processed in the first batch of setups. These will all be given a random first turn process date, regardless of setup type. All these first batch are guaranteed to get the same number of turns before the first production.

Anyone who needs to submit a revision, or whose setup arrives after midday 6th January 2019 (GMT) will go into a second batch of setups, which will be processed after the first batch and will very likely get one less turn before the first production.






Set Ups Received

Last updated: 09/01/2020

Race Number of setups in
201 Human  
202 Orc 2
203 Elf  
204 Dark Dwarf 2
205 Dak 1
206 Maratasen 1
207 Troll  
208 Giant 3
209 Merman 1
210 Half Elf  
221 Human Barbarian 5
223 Eastern Elf  
226 Maratasen Barbarian 3
570 Dragon Lord  






Population at Game Start

Race Total Population
201 Human  
202 Orc  
203 Elf  
204 Dark Dwarf  
205 Dak  
206 Maratasen  
207 Troll  
208 Giant  
209 Merman  
210 Half Elf  
216 Halfling  
221 Human Barbarian  
223 Eastern Elf  
226 Maratasen Barbarian