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Adventures in Avalon

This module is an exciting experiment – for the first time we are proud to bring you a sequel module. Crown of Avalon was the first ever Legends module, brought out to great acclaim back in 1987. Adventures in Avalon is set 50 years later, following the series of extraordinary political events that led to the end of the Crown of Avalon game 5. 

AiA is designed to be very different from the last module, Crown of Chaos, whose source book ran to 144 pages of detailed information about the world. Information available at the start of the game in Avalon, on the other hand, is deliberately kept to a minimum, so that players must discover the world’s secrets through play and exploration. 

The map is roughly divided into the Western Continent – where power gamers can run wild with vast armies and indulge in intense diplomacy – and the Eastern lands, where heroic role-players can attempt to deal with the Dragons’ Return. 

There are a number of new options unique to this module. The first is the chance to play a Dragon, seeding lairs, hoarding wealth and eating other players. However for every Dragon there is a Slayer, a hero who is dedicated to hunting them down. 

You will even be able to explore the possibilities of designing of your own faction. 

In fact, we have no idea how any particular game of AiA will progress. The choices are all yours to make, and the world yours to shape.