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Blood Tides Rising

This module was initially conceived by Ian Koxvold and then warped and matured by the Harlequin Games team in conjunction with SSV Graz. It has been prepared over several years to give it depth for the player to explore and to enhance game play. We have striven to make each faction a distinctly different playing experience!


The God-War broke the land of Yohan and the blood of the Mad God flooded what remained, leaving the oceans a deep crimson hue as the deluge receded. From the wreckage of their world the mortal races have reached upwards for the helping hands of the New Gods, striving to rebuild. Some strive to make sure it never happens again, whereas others look to restore their old gods! 


The Eternal Kingdom was forged in ‘The Breaking’ as it was protected from the flood by ‘The Wall’, which was raised by Rognard as he ascended. All beyond their borders are rejected and ignored, unless they are a threat of course…

Fabled Thermia was cast down, broken and smashed underfoot. In the power vacuum that followed the fractured tribes of Vikings have coalesced into a coalition that is almost a ‘nation’ and now all fear the square sails of their ships appearing on the horizon.

The Native Orcs emerged from their burrows after the flood and many races who saw their spread across Yohan now think of them as less than vermin. The freshly arrived Saurians see them far more as a resource to work with their ‘New Orcs’ and help them crush the Parthians.

The Parthians, the snake people of the swamp, have traditionally been one of the most peaceful races of Yohan, tending Life as it grows and develops. Now however, with the Saurian incursion, they have bent ‘life’ into offensive forms and all would do well to get out of their path!

Dwarves and Elves are amongst the ‘oldest’ races of Yohan. They recall the time when their supremacy covered all the Land. The God-War laid them low and their last City was flooded in Blood. Yet still they hold the keys to many secrets!

The Children of the Mad-God seek to find what was lost, to grasp it once again in their mind’s eye and in the heart of their Soul. Only by focusing on the inner workings of your own flesh can you see through the insanity of a lost deity.

Many of these nations are held together –  or apart – by a strange mortar, The Merchants. Only they have a feel for the new overall shape of Yohan and the varied needs and desires of the myriad races. Always their silvered tongues convince you its better to work with them rather than against, and always they make crowns out of it!

And looking down upon all of this, attempting to guide the lesser inhabitants of Yohan to a better future, are the Masters of Light and Darkness. Empowered by the gods themselves, The Masters research into the arcane fabric of the world, using their power to preserve the Freedom of All, whether they want it or not!