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Crown of Chaos

The module introduces new ways to enjoy Legends, and the races are specifically designed to suit different play styles:

If you are the lone-wolf type you could play an insectoid hive warrior striving to be reborn as the new Queen. You enjoy playing a mercenary? Then lead a Blood Orc warband on the rampage in the heartlands, selling yourself to the richest employer. For honourable conquest you might play a Maratasen Pride chief, but if Machiavellian scheming suits you then try out one of the Human Barons or Princes in exile.

The module details the history of the Elacrain World and the rise of the major political powers, each from their own perspectives. Recent history has been dominated by the creation of a multi-racial Empire under the Emperor Trekwill, whose expected demise is the opening of the module period. Who will inherit the Empire? Will it be torn apart by the Maratasens to the North West, the inhuman Insectoids to the North East and the elder races of Dwarves and Elves to South? Or will the Empire survive the death of its founder? More importantly, what side will you be on?

Crown of Chaos adds a political dimension to Legends’ already extensive portrait of a fantasy world, allowing both strategic power-gaming and also role-playing as distinct and possible paths to glory.