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Immortals’ Realm

Immortals’ Realm is based on the old “Realm of the Immortals” module, having undergone a significant rework for use with the Legends II system. It boasts a 70+ page module book filled with 13 factions, 8 religions, 2 special “Orders”, new siege weapons, a host of adventures, some special actions, and a strong storyline…

From the History of the Immortals’ Realm, as recounted by the bard, Wiltren of Sagewood 

Gather round, my friends, and listen to a tale of our ancestors and the battles they fought. Our recorded history goes back some one thousand years to the time of the Migration Wars. Our barbaric ancestors, in their lust for land, fought for generations. Finally, the Elves of Valandain litigated a truce and the kingdoms of Paverain and Talthain were born. Those who could not tolerate civilized life journeyed to the Plains of Margeth, to establish a life of their choosing.

Years passed, and Verana knew relative peace. Then, three hundred years after the Migration Wars (AM), a host of foul creatures issued forth from the southwestern mountain range. In addition to the creatures on the ground, hundreds of airborne monsters issued forth, and there were many dragons. Dragoth, the first of the Dragon Kings and quite possibly the most powerful creature on Verana, led this bedeviled force. Thousands perished in the initial onslaught, but soon, the combined forces of men, Dwarves, Elves, and Maratasen slowed the monstrous host on the Fields of Talthain.

For nearly four years did these two massive armies battle. Elven magic and Dwarven weapons helped the beleaguered troops survive the horrors they faced, yet all know that their time was short if nothing was done to turn the tide quickly. It was finally decided in council that if they were to have any chance of winning, they would have to destroy Dragoth. To this end, Talsinal, Knight-Protector of Talthain and mightiest warrior in Verana, was given the Dragonsword Entraulmar. He proceeded alone to the cavern home of Dragoth.

Talsinal’s skills allowed him to penetrate the mountain lair of the great dragon without much difficulty; in his arrogance, Dragoth feared nothing. Finally, Talsinal found and entered the dank cavern that was Dragoth’s home.

“Welcome, Protector of Talthain; I appreciate your visit to entertain me. I shall enjoy it . your death, that is…” Dragoth spoke to the knight as if he were already dead. Talsinal was surprised to find the Great Dragon looking at him and seeming very pleased with himself; it seemed he had been expected.

“Dragoth, your evil ends today by my hand! The power of the Elves stands with me this day!” Talsinal tried to sound as convincing as possible, for this creature was mightier than any he had ever faced, and its evil continually assaulted his senses. Talsinal unsheathed Entraulmar.

Suddenly Dragoth’s body tensed as if struck. “What blade have you there, mortal?” Dragoth questioned.

“One made with you in mind, forged by an Elven smith of old. Its name is well known to your kind; surely you remember Entraulmar…”

“No! It cannot be! It was lost ages ago!”

Dragoth raged at Talsinal’s words, and with uncanny speed he was upon the knight.

Mighty was the battle they fought. Dragoth wove spells of evil to destroy Talsinal, but the Elves of Valandain had placed their own powerful spells of protection into his armor, and Dragoth’s affected him not. Entraulmar glowed as it smote the Dragon King’s body again and again. Yet the Dragon’s strength was incomprehensible, and his deadly claws and fiery breath cut through the powerful armor worn by the Knight-Protector. Both beings knew they were evenly matched, and that this battle would result in their deaths.

In a final rage, Dragoth spoke. “Hellspawn! You have won my life, but you also forfeit your own. Never again will that accursed blade touch the flesh of dragonkind. By my final act I kill us both, and destroy the Dragonsword!”

Dragoth then intoned a powerful spell, which caused the cavern to collapse upon them both, ending their battle and their lives. Sorely was the loss of Talsinal felt amongst the armies of Verana, but more sorely still was the loss of Dragoth felt by the hordes of the Dragon Dens. Without his powerful leadership, the creatures broke and retreated to their lairs in the mountains. The day had been won, but at a severe cost.

Years of peace came as the peoples of Verana built majestic cities and castles across the land. Great roads spanned the countries and forests, and wagons laden with goods groaned as they rolled in huge caravans to the remote cities of Verana. Trade was king, and a golden age of economy was upon the Middle Kingdoms.

Nomad excursions across the rift became commonplace, and the armies of Paverain and Talthain grew in power to answer this threat. The military was not strong, for the probing groups of nomads from the wide east were lightly armored and few. They were an elite force, considered a fashionable occupation for sons of the aristocracy. Sadly it was a view they would rue later. Yet peace reigned for some six hundred years.

Then, not twenty years ago, rumor reached the Middle Kingdoms of a new, dark power growing in the west. The name of the Overlord was spoken softly for the first time in secret and troubled councils. Frantic messages from the Dwarves went unanswered as the undead armies overran their nations, for Paverain and Talthain were unprepared to send me to war. Horrible tales of allies brought back from the dead and fighting for their enemies flew among the kingdoms, and they were shocked into massive mobilization. Yet even as they gather their armies, many fear it may be too late.