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Jade Eye

The world seemed to hold its breath, a growing tension lengthening seconds into minutes. And for the longest moment there was utter silence, a stillness so complete that there came into it not the sound of bird or beast, man or orc, elf or dwarf. Then a single cloud passed across the sun. And with its shadow, so it seemed that something was broken, or decided. Made, or unmade.

The orc raised his fist. “Fight or Die.”

“Fight or Die.” The man shouted in kind, his bellow blended with the cry of elf and the roar of dwarf. And as the surrounding armies took up the cry, so it echoed from the city walls until the ground trembled, and the air itself shook.

Fight or Die.


The world of the Jade Eye tends towards balance. It is carved deep in its bones, writ in its very geography; four continents for the four kingdoms, each to their own, and to each enough wealth, resources and land to thrive.

Yet this is no utopia, for over it lies the shadow of the Jade Dragon’s wings.

None now recall when the Jade Dragon, who is Disorder, arrived in the world that had hitherto known only peace. But its coming changed all. With every breath it befouled the air with madness, and with every beat of its great wings it spread wide its pollution. Where its shadow passed, strife followed, and where its claws raked the earth, blood poured forth. And so war came to the land, the people enflamed, filled with hatred. Tens of thousands perished in battle, hundreds of thousands more in the pestilence and famine that followed close on the heels of war, and over all, the Jade Dragon exulted.

Finally, when the life blood of the four peoples was almost wholly spent, and all was in chaos and disorder, the Dragon at last seemed satisfied, its unholy hunger sated, for the time being at least. Then from each race it called forth slaves as tribute, and caused them to build for it the Jade Temple. And when that was done, it raised above the temple a great twisting spire, fashioned in the form of a serpent’s neck and slender head, with a great Jade Eye between held its jaws.

Then, as swiftly as it had come, so the Dragon departed. But before it left, so it let it be known that the Jade Eye saw all, and that whenever the lands grew too peaceful it would summon the peoples to rise up and fight. And if they refused, the Dragon would return, next time to leave none alive who might tell the tale.

So began the cycle of war and peace that the four kingdoms have learned to endure, the one the price they must pay for the other. And when each war is done, once more they send slaves as tributes to work in the Jade Temple. To one from the kingdom who was victorious goes the dubious honour of becoming the High Priest, Rama Tooh. But all must serve Disorder, the god they have no other choice but to worship.


Jade Eye is a game for up 16 players, divided equally into factions of up to 4 players.

The main focus of Jade Eye is on strategy and tactics, with less emphasis on role-playing.  However, despite this focus, there are still plenty of Adventures!

The module is designed for fast games with slightly shorter turnarounds. In general, games will run to a 7, 10 or 14 day turnaround.

A game should typically last about 20 to 25 turns, with production every 2 turns.

Players are permitted to run multiple positions in a game, up to a maximum of four positions. This will permit a player to run all the positions in a faction if they wish.