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Jade Eye

The world seemed to hold its breath, a growing tension lengthening seconds into minutes. And for the longest moment there was utter silence, a stillness so complete that there came into it not the sound of bird of beast, man or orc, elf or dwarf. Then a single cloud passed across the sun. And with its shadow, so it seemed that something was broken, or decided. Made, or unmade.

The orc raised his fist. “Rama Tooh!”

“Rama Tooh.” The man shouted in kind, his bellow blended with the cry of elf and the roar of dwarf. And as the surrounding armies took up the cry, so it echoed from the city walls until the ground trembled, and the air itself shook.

“Rama Tooh.”

May the best win.



Jade Eye is a game for up 16 players, divided equally into factions of up to 4 players.

The main focus of Jade Eye is on strategy and tactics, with less emphasis on role-playing.  However, despite this focus, there are still plenty of Adventures!

The module is designed for fast games with slightly shorter turnarounds. In general, games will run to a 7, 10 or 14 day turnaround.

A game should typically last about 20 to 25 turns, with production every 2 turns.

Players are permitted to run multiple positions in a game, up to a maximum of four positions. This will permit a player to run all the positions in a faction if they wish.