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North Island

This module was co-written by Midnight Games and Harlequin Games. It has been prepared over a longer period than previous modules, and with the assistance of SSV Graz has been whittled and whipped into a perfect balance of unbalanced power blocks! 

The Elven Empire is set upon reclaiming the lost Northern continent. The faction is lean and mean, with highly regimented Elven reinforcements slicing their way through the ‘barbaric’ local races. Dark Elven infiltrators will attempt to use extreme prejudice in their dealings with the islanders, and there is little doubt that this faction is by far the strongest at game start. 

The Humans are split in half as each of the Royal Twins attempts to gain support for their claim to legitimacy. The Eastern Humans are united under chivalrous Prince Alvera the Giantfriend. Their faction is dominated by knights of the realm who seek to unite the Humans, and even ally with the neighbouring races. The Westerners, on the other hand, under sly Prince Solara, are willing to take far more devious methods to achieve power. They have made alliances with the Maratasen and the Orcs, yet their primary religion’s racism may yet lead them into a political blind alley. 

The mighty Troll King has united the tribes in the North East. Once his kingdom stretched across the lands now owned by humans, and with the unholy power of the Temple of the Dead to raise armies from the fallen, it is only a matter of time before a ten thousand-strong undead horde is raised and sent across the plains of Heaven. 

The Saurians have lain dormant in recent times, but new blood-lines are changing their policies. Now is the time for expansion, now they will move across the waters to cull the herds of bipeds that are roaming the North Island. When they have devoured them, the blood-line will grow stronger, and perhaps GARM and the iron golem will return to their ancestral spawning grounds. 

Overlooking the folly of these factions are the Druidic Council. Older than the mountains themselves, these men and women of the earth plan to foil the plans of any force that plans to create a hegemony across the island. They can consider their job well done if no other faction achieves supremacy. 

And this is to say nothing of the militant Dragonriders, who seek the thrill of battle above political maneouvring, or the vengeful Chaos Lords who seek to crush everyone, irrespective of alignment. 

The module has been designed to give each faction and religion its own unique powers. There is a system to prevent oversubscription to races, and the Chaos Lord faction will help players who get into trouble one way or another…