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The One Ring

A Legends Module set in the world of  The Lord of the Rings


The hour is late in the Third Age of Middle-earth. Sauron’s reach grows long, and he seeks to cover the land in a second darkness. From the icy vastness of the White Mountains in the north to the great desert wastes of the far south, from the dread-cloaked forests of Mirkwood to the wide plains of the east, he calls forth his servants to do his will, man and goblin, troll and orc, the living and the dead. And the fate of the world balances upon the edge of a knife, a riddle in the dark. Yet all is not lost. For there are yet brave men, and free, the Lords of Gondor and the Riders of the Riddermark, who would seek to turn back the gathering tide. In the mountains, Dwarves set aside hammer and pick and their search for gold to take up arms once more, so that battle rages in the deeps even as it sweeps over the lands above. And the Elves, who remember still their bitter struggle against the Ancient Enemy many ages past, rouse themselves from the twilight slumber of their fading years to stand once more against the might of Sauron. 

A shadow hangs heavy over Middle-earth. Yet hope still remains, so long as there is found courage in the hearts of those who would be free. Hope, too, so long as the Ring is not yet discovered. And thus the fates of many are tied and bound to its doom.


This is an exciting module for us to have developed, combining as it does the depth and complexity of the Legends gaming engine with the richness and wonder of Middle-earth. 

To turn a work of fiction into a game is always a challenging task. But we have sought to remain true to the world of Middle-earth, from the placing of towns and cities, to the characters that populate the world and the forces they command. Sometimes we have added new material in order to make the game more balanced, or taken inspiration from ICE’s works, but when we have done so it has always been within the context and style of The Lord of the Rings.


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