Privacy Policy

Personal Information

In order to give you the best possible gaming experience, where you have provided it we keep the following personal contact information on file:


Email Address

Postal Address

Telephone Number


This information is used only to run our games, and to contact you about our gaming products.


This information is held in digital format, in a secure password-protected fashion, on physical computers and/or in the cloud.


Many our games are team-based games, and your name and email address might be made known to other members of your team. If you do not wish this information to be passed on, you may request to remain anonymous.


We operate a number of game leaderboards, in which your name may appear. If you do not wish to appear on these leaderboards, you may request to remain anonymous.


In addition, we keep records of all payments received and made on your gaming account.


The act of joining one of our games is considered consent for your information to be used in the above manner.


At any time you can request to see any of the information we hold on record for you.


We will delete any or all of your personal information on request. However, bear in mind that if we have no contact information for you at all on file, you will not be able to play our games.



Credit Card Details

If you pay by credit card, debit card or Paypal via our websites, then these payments are processed by either Worldpay or Paypal, and we do not see or keep a record your card details.


If you have specifically asked us to process your credit card payments for you, and provided us with your credit card details, we hold this information digitally in a password-protected format. This is used only to process credit card payments when requested by you, either directly or through prior authorisation of regular payments. We do not recommend that you provide us with your card details to make payments in this fashion, but recognise that some people wish us to do so.




Our business is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.




Cookies are small files saved to your computer’s hard drive that track, save and store information about your interactions and usage of a website. This allows the website, through its server to provide the users with a tailored experience.


We may use cookies to remember personal settings you have chosen at our websites. In no other context do we use cookies to collect information that identifies you personally. Most of the cookies we set are automatically deleted from your computer either when you leave our website or shortly afterwards.


Our websites may also use tracking software to monitor visitors, so as to better understand how they use it. The software will save a cookie to your computer’s hard drive in order to track and monitor your engagement and usage of the website, but will not store, save or collect personal information.


Should your wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from our websites onto your computer’s hard drive, you should take necessary steps within your web browser’s security settings to block all cookies from the website and its external serving vendors.


Contact Forms

The information you submit will be kept securely and only used for the legitimate purpose of responding to your request. By completing a form you give us consent to do this.  

  • We will not use this personal data for other purposes without asking your permission. 
  • We will not keep this information for longer than necessary. 
  • We will not use third parties to process your data. 
  • We will never sell your data to third parties.