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(v. 2.7.12)

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(last updated 25th March 2022)

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Rules Updates

The following changes will come into force and will affect turns that run on the 7th of september 2020 and onwards.


Changes to Invisibility Burden

Character invisibility has for some time been limited by how much a character can carry. Carry too much and the character is considered to be only partially invisible, viewers cannot see the character but they can see the extra stuff they are carrying. In game terms the only impact is on force sightings, province views and province exploration. All other invisibility effects remain unaffected by burden.

An empty party or a party containing only fully invisible characters cannot normally be seen. Partially invisible characters, prisoners or possessions in the party, make the party visible. Other force types are always visible unless completely empty.

The check for invisibility burden is changing to match the teleport burden check. Having two very different checks has been confusing for everyone.

Carry capacity for teleport and invisibility is now twice the character's effective strength or if riding, their mount's carry capacity, plus any bonus from their familiar.

Carry capacity for teleport and invisibility is not affected by wounds or death.
The burden for these is everything the character has in possessions. Mounts, wagons, slaves, etc are only burden, they do not increase carry capacity. Equipped items are also burden. If riding, then the character's race weight is also burden but the mount is not.

If the character is holding any prisoners or their teleport burden equals or exceeds their teleport carry capacity, they cannot teleport and invisibility will only be partial. Additionally a prisoner if invisible, is only partially invisible regardless of burden.

Teleport burden limits all teleport spells, adventure teleport and gates that are limited to single character parties. It does not apply to item teleport. It is also the burden limit for the C12 Steal Item order.

The printout will now show if teleport is allowed, and for invisible characters, if they are only partially invisible:

Land Move : 30.0        Land Carry cap : 450.0       Land Burden : 62.21
Air Move  : 25.0         Air Carry cap : 450.0        Air Burden : 62.21
Teleport  : NO         Magic Carry cap : 300.0      Magic Burden : 3862.21
This character is not fully invisible, any force they are in can be sighted.

The force overview will also show if a party is invisible. Instead of showing a hide sighting value (which is irrelevant for invisible parties). It will instead show:

This party is invisible                Searching Sight Value:         101.0


Changes to Soldier Rolling Thunder

Soldier rolling thunder has caused many problems over the years. Players and GMs can have a very difficult time determining why soldiers failed to move. It is therefore being changed to make it behave more like everyone expects it to. From now on every soldiers slot has its own last move date field. This records the exact day those soldiers last moved. If two slots merge, the resulting slot gets the most recent last move date of the two. When a force moves at least one province with a move order, all soldiers in that force have their last move date set to the current date. The "0" move direction counts as moving for this.

Soldiers in guilds and markets also have last move dates, so they cannot be used to scrub it away. A cloud castle moving sets the date in all its guilds and markets.

A force cannot move if any non-empty soldier slot has a last move date more recent than the game's turnaround time. The error message will say which slots could not move and the date the game thinks they last moved.

This last move date is otherwise not shown in the force overview with one exception. If a slot is not empty and owned by a different player to the one whose printout it is, than the last move date is shown for that slot.

Character rolling thunder is not affected by this and never has been.


Garrison Troops Changed

The Garrison ‘race’ for soldiers should not exist - if you see it contact the GMs.

Unless otherwise stated in the module or game details, all module locations will have 5 slots with Urban Militia troops of an appropriate race, all module Nomad camps will have 5 slots of Cavalcade Militia, the other 3 slots will be on theme for the force.

Other status - Cavalcade

CF 10

DF 4

AF 50

Land move: minus 10



-100 attacking walls

-10 for all other Terrain mods


Other status - Urban 

CF 15

DF 5

AF 50


Land move: minus 10

Morale add 40


+125 Defending Walls

-100 for all other Terrain mods


Training Type - Militia  

Land move: minus 10

Cost to train 20

Guard rating 20

+50 AF with Javelin

-100 attacking walls

zero for all other Terrain mods


Getting Stoned


Unlike normal means of killing a character, the chance of getting stoned (and dying) is not based on a character's CF, but rather it is a percentage chance equal to the stoning SA divided by the target character's SAR.

So if targeted with 600 SA stoning, any character with 6 or less SAR will be turned to stone 100% of the time, and a character with 20 SAR will have a 30% chance of of being turned to stone.

This makes SAR very important to consider when going up against a stoning attack.